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    malc johnston

    Defenders of the Oasis

    Not the same battle as Hattin, so we thought why not bring forward the Oasis and put it in the center and see what happens.

    The two forces that faced each other would become split as the Oasis became more of a obstacle, but could cover your flank if pushed forward enough, and this was the main plan for both sides, it then became a very interesting game.

    Everything is 28mm, camp and buildings are Adrians walls miniatures, new desert boards created, time to draw the blades.

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    Under increasing attacks from Saladin’s men, the Crusaders reached a plain by the twin hills of the Horns of Hattin by mid-afternoon. Advancing with his main body, Saladin began attacking in force and ordered the wings of his army to sweep around the Crusaders. Attacking, they surrounded Guy’s thirsty men and cut off their line of retreat back to the springs at Turan. Under increasing pressure, the Crusader rearguard was forced to halt and give battle, stopping the entire army’s advance.

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    Though advised to fight on to reach Tiberias and water, Guy elected to halt the advance for the night. Surrounded by the enemy, the Crusader camp possessed a well but it was dry. The next morning, Guy’s army awoke to blinding smoke. This came from fires set by Saladin’s men to screen their actions and increase the Crusaders’ misery. With his men weakened and thirsty, Guy broke camp and ordered an advance towards the springs of Hattin. Despite having sufficient numbers to break through the Muslim lines, fatigue and thirst badly weakened the cohesion of the Crusader army.

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    Advancing, the Crusaders were effectively counterattacked by Saladin. Two charges by Raymond saw him break through the enemy lines, but once outside the Muslim perimeter, he lacked enough men to influence the battle. As a result, he retreated from the field. Desperate for water, much of Guy’s infantry attempted a similar breakout, but failed. Forced onto the Horns of Hattin, the majority of this force was destroyed. Without infantry support, Guy’s trapped knights were unhorsed by Muslim archers and forced to fight on foot. Though fighting with determination, they were driven onto the Horns. After three charges against the Muslim lines failed, the survivors were forced to surrender.

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