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    So, wot’s a project?
    Is it from opening the parcel containing the goodies needed for yer latest braynwave? Or can a project be tickling up and re-basing old and dilapidated figures you’ve had tucked away for ever?
    Depending on the Brethren’s answer is whether or not I’ve completed mi’ first ‘project’ of the twenties!

    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"


    For me it is deciding to do something.
    That is when the project starts, the making it an actual thing to do.
    Though it could be months before I actually buy anything physical, it could be lots of planning and reading first.
    As for when it ends…?

    So I have my new range coming out this year, 1 project, carrying on with expanding the existing ranges, 2 projects, and Celtos (still at the thinking/planning stage, with no purchases) 3 projects.


    For me, it’s a given scale/time period. So my 3mm Seven Years War Project. And no, I have never finished a single project, either.

    Within a given project, I’ll have… call them “subprojects”. This would be, for example, rebasing my 7 Years War 3mm stuff on thin steel bases.

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    I don’t really consider it a ‘project’ until it’s hands on. I can plan and collect, but until I start painting and basing or building, it’s not a project. Part of this is my background. As a software developer and sometimes project manager, projects must be achievable and completable. Design and analysis (i.e., planning and collecting) can be never ending. Sometimes I paint or build simply because I feel like it. Those aren’t projects. So a project has a goal, is attainable and (usually) sustains my attention until completion.

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    Thanks chaps 15 blokes on the table, so that’s the first project of the roaring twenties!!!

    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"


    A project is anything that needs to be done; one fig or vehicle for an upcoming game, a few extra buildings for a town, 70 square feet of modular terrain for a given period, researching/scratch-building/molding/casting/painting vehicles/ships/aircraft, etc.  Anything of any scope that is needed for gaming is a project.

    Congrats on finishing your first project of the ’20s!!


    Normally, but not exclusively, when I call something a project, it’s either a setting (a “period”, if I must use that inadequate word) in a specific scale and scope, or an undertaking to build terrain/scenery to fully represent some category of location (such as jungle or urban ruins). For the most part, these are not projects that are meant to end, though they are meant to reach a state of adequacy sooner or later. Ending a project implies killing the creative side of it. I’ll usually want to leave my projects open for new ideas and opportunities that may arise later.

    In this context, I’m not concerned with the true meaning of the word “project”. I just go by established conventions of jargon in the hobby, e.g. “Andy’s Star Trek project” or “Julie’s dungeon project”.

    Nothing of this is exclusive of other definitions of the word. No reason that rebasing and touching up some old figures can’t be called a project.


    For me, a project starts with an idea, a concept you have in your head. This could be almost anything – a period, a region, a specific army, maybe a set of terrain pieces.

    Most of my projects For a new period or game involve planning and building two small starter forces and some related terrain features. Any new forces or terrain I add to that is a new project. Anyway, that’s my system

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    First finished project of 2020.

    Jarl Putrid Son Of Putrid leading his band of cutthroats…

    Lord Bada Boggweede and the Warriors of his Great Hall…

    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"


    Project – an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.

    I have never considered any of my wargaming activity to be a ‘project’.  Looking at the above definition I can see that none of my actions have been projects because they have never been ‘carefully planned’!  In addition, the ‘particular aim’ has always ended up being a moving target.  There’s always a ‘need’ to add another tank, another battalion, or another bunker complex to my collection, outside of what was originally considered. 😮

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