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    Over a Friday evening and Saturday in early March the club put on a game based on the Battle of Dettingen in 1743 during the War of Austrian Succession. This battle is notable as being the last time a British monarch lead troops in person. This was the second time the club had gamed this battle this time it was on a slightly larger scale though.

    The rules this time were Tricorn which is a variant on the SYW section from Shako I with some Shako II bits also thrown in.

    I had command of a mixed British and Austrian division forming the second rank of infantry in the allied centre. A division of Austrians were to my front.

    The allied task was to punch through the French and escape off the northern edge of the table either via the bridge over the River Main behind Dettingen or across the causeway behind the French centre.

    The French were forced to start in their historical positions having crossed over the stream to advance on the allies against the orders of the Duc de Noailles.

    The battle did not go well for the allies. On the left the British cavalry were outclassed by their French opposition and only the attached Hanoverian infantry and allied cavalry held this flank together, at least until French reinforcements arrived.

    On the right flank the allied cavalry fared no better against superior french horsemen, once again infantry musketry saved the day against cavalry while the allied rear guard was sent to shore up this flank.

    In the centre the Austrian infantry advanced to meet the French infantry for an epic to and fro of musketry, unfortunately the allies once again came second best.

    To the right of centre my support brigades managed to almost punch through to the causeway and escape before King George, who after initial success against the French left wing infantry, was forced to seek terms after the allied army failed an army morale test. The French failed theirs too only not as badly.

    A great game and a real slug fest of musketry in the centre and east and massed cavalry melees in the west.

    More on my blog at Jabba’s Wargaming


    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    A wonderful game to behold there Tony:).

    Avatar photoAnthony Miles

    A wonderful game to behold there Tony:).

    Many thanks.

    Avatar photowillz

    Fantastic 18th century eye candy, thanks for sharing.

    Avatar photoThe Red Hobbit

    Beautiful game, thank you for sharing

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