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    I like to roll rather than carefully place in the guise of a roll, and calmly roll away from the playing surface.
    No lobbing them into the air across the room, no hurling them full force into my carefully painted models.

    No bothered about super fair casino dice, no need for a cup or a tower.
    Just a bit of a roll and calm like.


    How about a dice tray? I’ve been meaning to buy a 7″x9″ one on Etsy: Collapsible, Rollable Dice Tray



    Just keep them on the table.

    James Manto

    As long as the person gives them a good shake first.

    But yeah an over energetic toss hitting figures or going off the table is off side.

    Keep it up and I’m giving you a box to roll in.

    Norm S

    I prefer a dice tray to the ridiculous, excited, eyes closed looking for a 6, rolling down the table ‘hoping’ not to hit something along the way!


    I give my players dice trays but they insist on throwing them on the tabletop!

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    I have very small dice made by the evil empire so they are easy to shake, roll easy and dont hurt the toys.

    Our rule is if they fall on the floor its a re roll and likewise if they wind up on an angle against figures and scenery.


    I use a dice tower that I made from foamboard. I have had various dice towers through the ages, all made from foamboard and all themed to the game I was playing. One of them was also a building that could sit on the table as part of the scenery. There’s a certain amount of satisfaction to be had from having suitably themed accessories for the game, especially when they are also functional terrain.

    I have also used a tumbler for rolling in the past. Just pick it up, shake it with your hand over the top so the dice don’t come out, put it down and read the results. No need to handle the dice and no risk of them flying across the table and taking your opponent’s eye out. N.B. This doesn’t work for bucket o’ dice games.

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    … made by the evil empire …

    Microsoft makes dice?!

    I prefer a gentle roll on the table. Not across the table. ON the table. Towers, tumblers and trays just seem like so much more impedimenta that has to be put away after.

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    Place dice into palm and curl fingers over into a light fist. Giving a good shake, always thorough is this bit. Then and only then open hand and tip onto table surface. If done calmly and carefully no bother. However, the odd occasion might see a die or two go astray. Where apon a dice tray can be used.


    I prefer a dice tray but as has been said, I’ve seen folks ignore the tray sitting in front of them in favor of hurling cubes across the board.

    You buy them books and buy them books but they just eat the covers.

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    My dice tray was destroyed by water. I run a club at school and it is everything I can do to get them to not chuck them at my minis.

    Shaun Travers

    Tend to follow the same rules as above – reroll cocked dice and dice that go off the table.  Don’t aim at the figures.  Usually there is a clear spot or two on the table to roll dice.  For the first 10 years or so of gaming life, my best friend and I played a lot of games.  He did not like people holding onto dice when they were not being rolled.  This is because he thought people would instill some luck into the dice if they held them! So as a rule once the dice were rolled they went back on the table – no holding onto them!  And also dice belonged to no one so anyone could roll any dice – not because of cheating but again, someone could instill luck into their dice.    It has been 20 years since I played a game with him but I still find it hard to watch people hold onto dice while not rolling them.  Not enough to stop them doing it as it is me, not them, that has the problem 🙂  And it was not even my problem to start with!

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