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    Can any of you knowledgeable sea-going types tell this poor land-lubber if there is any appreciable difference between, say, an E-Boat in 1:600 and an E-Boat in 1:700 (ditto an MTB)?  I am assuming the answer will be slightly more complex than just “one is shorter”.  If I used a 1:600 merchantman in conjunction with the above examples, would it look wrong, or just like an even bigger merchantman?  I’m tempted to see the difference as “100”, but I am fairly sure – even with my appalling maths – that this would not be the same as the difference between 1:1 (me!) and 1:100 (15mm).

    I have just bought the “Coastal Patrol” game from the Too Fat Lardies website (you need to purchase their 2011 Summer Special, and the rules, plus a scenario, are on pp 64-81 if anyone is interested) and have received donations of both scales from two helpful fellow-gamers.  Bizarrely, both of them have decided not to give me as much stuff as they had originally intended, because my interest has re-invigorated theirs and they have now decided to resurrect these long-dormant/completely unstarted projects (and even asked me for copies of the rules!).

    Thanks for tolerating such an obvious/idiotic question.

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    Brendan, just looking at wikipedia, I see that a Vosper private boat MTB was 21m (68 feet) long; at 1/600 that’s 3.5cm, and at 1/700 3cm, so that ‘100’ can be quite a difference for models in that size!

    I would suggest that you go with either a) the that you have more of, or b) the scale that has more available to get, depending upon whether you’ve got most of what you want or not.

    Another alternative (& what I would personally do) is to use both scales if they look ‘right’ together to you, just don’t get the same boat/ship in both scales!

    Probably just telling you what you already know, but I thought I’d try to help!


    Avatar photoBrendan Morrissey

    Thanks, that’s a useful suggestion.  I was actually thinking I would use the 1:700 stuff for learning the rules and developing my basing techniques (first time ever doing ships), and then move into 1:600 for the bigger scenarios, with larger and more varied craft (minesweepers/escorts etc), once I’m familiar with everything.  In 1:700, I’ve already got 8 E-boats and 8 MTBs, so some 4-versus-6 scenarios might be interesting, given the superior German firepower and speed.


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    Paging David Manley to the Bat Phone… 

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    I have some of the Tamiya (?) 1/700 sets of vessels that I use with various 1/600 models…..

    There is a useful scale calculator …


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    I try to avoid mixing scales, so all of my Channel/North Sea/Mediterranean/Baltic/Burma coastal forces gaming is done in 1/600 with 1/700 reserved for the Pacific and post war. I do use some of the Tamiya auxiliary craft (tugs, barges etc.) interchangeably and I have used a few 1/700 models as the basis for 1/600 Yugoslav partizan craft but for “regular” warship types I stick to scale as the differences are (to me at least) quite obvious.

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    I reckon a merchie a bit too big or small won’t be a real problem, ditto trawlers.  You probably don’t want your Vospers at 1/600 and your huns at 1/700.


    But then I use post 1812 troops for revolutionary wars and 1944 huns and brits for Battle of France.  Keeping ahead of the torches and pitchforks can be sooooo much hard work.

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