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    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    For some upcoming games that were planned before we were “Borised” again, that I had decided were to be recce based rather than an attack/defence or delaying action, advance to contact etc I have been scouring the old boxes. All in all a massive saving on the price of plastic or resin models.

    The Dinky Daimler Armoured car and Corgi Juniors Dingo almost spot on for 1/56.

    The Poundland Jeeps are also very close to 1/56 (I have added scratch built MMGs)

    This one is of indeterminate scale but fits nicely for size and look

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Very nice and a great and cost effective way to add stuff like this.

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    At 3-4 foot I’m happy to make out a figure let alone the difference of a couple of mm 🙂

    Great selection, it’s nice to see smaller, recon vehicles and actions represented.  Hope the ‘Borisism’ does not impact the game – zoom rather than face to face?

    Stay safe

    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    Hope the ‘Borisism’ does not impact the game – zoom rather than face to face? Stay safe

    We have tried Zoom, Whatsup etc.  It is reasonable but very slow and relies of a fair degree of IT skill but lacks the interaction as the tekkie issues replaces a lot of the banter!  So not as much fun.


    Avatar photoThuseld

    My two year old spotted some Hotwheels cars and lorries in a charity shop and wife let him have a few. Every time I play with him the lorries especially take me into the realm of wargaming conversions. Must…remain…focussed. Good finds.

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