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    It seemed dubious to me, too, Tim.

    I could well believe any flyer carrying some sort of suicide pill but I guess that wouldn’t make you , “Hero of Russia”.

    That’s not to say I don’t feel sympathy for the poor pilot.



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    There is a video posted of this Russian pilot shooting at the enemy then calling out “this is for our men” (or something similar).  The fighters then duck as he lets the spoon fly and blows himself up with a grenade.   I was a bit surprised when I saw it.

    As a standard loadout, no, no pilots have grenades as part of their standard flight kit.  But if you are flying over a place such as this and capture would be a fate worse then death, then they probably carry all sorts of extra stuff, just in case.  This guy did, for sure.

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    I can state definitively that any US AH-64 D/E pilot would consider the idea insane and I suspect that applies to most Chinook, Blackhawk and Little Bird pilots as well. Carrying live grenades, however secure, in cramped areas is a bad idea. There is a M-4 in an Apache cockpit in addition to personal 9mm pistols but I am told a) absent a soft landing, it is a good chance the M-4 gets broken/bent and b) ammunition is limited and frankly, pilots are generally poor infantry.

    It has been 46 years but I never saw a USAF pilot with a grenade during a year on various airbases in SEA during 71-72. Maybe some Air America/CIA/Raven types but they could be a bit eccentric.



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    I’ve just watched the IDLIB+ video shared by RT.

    It’s not very clear, but I think I can believe what RT says about it.

    I’m not much willing to comment further …it would remind me of another wargame forum.


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