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    Short story, didn’t buy anything GW for many years, for many reasons.

    I’m interested in their upcoming Adeptus Titanicus though, purely for the scale they chose, 8mm. Considering back in the days their Epic 40k introduced me to 6mm and after it died, pushed me to explore other avenue for 6mm gaming.

    This time I read that they will be using 8mm and wonder if this will cause the market to shift to 8mm or is it just to keep up with scale creep (most 6mm minis are 7-8mm now). I don’t doubt it’ll be more detailed than 6mm, but at what price? As usual I’m only interested in the infantry so they wouldn’t be getting my money anytime soon.

    What about ya’ll, is GW out of your system? Or are they still influencing you somehow?

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    Well, there is this…


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    I have not bought any GW figures for many years but I still buy their ink washes and liquid green stuff.

    Avatar photoMike

    I have not bought any GW figures for many years but I still buy their ink washes and liquid green stuff.

    Mostly this. I can be impatient sometimes and rather than wait a few days and pay postage I will sometimes pop into GW to get the things now.

    Avatar photoTony Hughes

    Never bought from GW.

    Not because of any particular prejudice but simply because they don’t make anything that interests me.


    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Paints, occasionally.

    Otherwise as Tony above.

    My wargaming predates GW, so I have no ‘fuzzy memories’ to bring me ‘back’ to them.

    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Haven’t bought anything from GW in decades. Can’t see that changing.


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    Not since they ruined everything I enjoyed playing.

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    Avatar photoirishserb

    They have pretty much lost me as a customer.  They don’t currently make anything that I have a use for, though there are things that they used to make, that I would buy (well, maybe, depending on price), if they were available today.

    Avatar photoGone Fishing

    If they re-released some of the old Warhammer figs from the 80s and early 90s I might seriously consider it. Otherwise their games leave me cold. When WFRP was first released I thought it had a great setting: the whole corrupt, renaissance, German/Empire vibe was quite brilliant, a fresh take from the more shiny American view of things, but it quickly went downhill from there – an overemphasis on Chaos (the horror! the horror!), pus, boils and spilling intestines (not to mention endless skullz and spikes) gets old, quickly. It all ended out sounding extremely juvenile.

    I do use their paints and washes though!

    Avatar photoAutodidact-O-Saurus

    Never. I’ve yet to see them do anything that remotely interests me.

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    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    Bought nothing (except an occasional paint) for decades directly from them.  Once in a while bought a second hand figure or two until about 3 years ago when I bought “The Hobbit – Escape from Goblin Town” set after my grandson and I played a couple of introductory games and enjoyed them.  We still play the game.

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    Some paint and washes, nothing else I would game with.

    Avatar photoOB

    What KB said.



    Never appealed to me.

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    Seems GW paint are pretty popular, I also heard good things about their washes, are they that good? One thing that annoyed me about their paint is the names, I think they’ve changed the names of their colors at least 3 times now.

    Avatar photoEtranger

    Occasionally I’ll pick up some of their washes, although I’ve more or given up with all the name changes. I bought a little bit of the Lord of the Rings range for the kids, but they weren’t interested in it.

    I bought quite a bit of stuff back when they carried other game ranges eg for Traveller, but that’s getting on for 40 years ago.

    Avatar photoAbwehrschlacht

    I played Warhammer and 40K when I was a teen because it’s what everyone else was playing. No one else was interested in Napoleonics apart from me, so in order to get a game I had to play. Nowadays I only very occasionally call in to get Nuln Oil Wash, but baulk at the price…

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    Avatar photoRuarigh

    I’ve not bought anything from Games Workshop since they stopped stocking other people’s games. GW products just don’t interest me.

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    Avatar photoPhil Dutré

    I was a GW junkie during the late 80s, early 90s. Didn’t know anything else. GW introduced me to miniature wargamimg.

    I haven’t played a GW game in the last 20 years or so. Simply doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Ugly miniatures, juvenile setting,  a style of gaming that is not my approach to wargaming.

    I still buy paints from them, and buy oldhammer stuff on 2nd hand sites.

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    Last time I bought something from them was when they were Citadel … I simply refuse to pay the prices they demand.

    I have 28mm sci-fi & 28mm fantasy, none of it bought new from GW, most of it isn’t GW, but there are some genestealers from bring’n’buys


    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I played 40k through 2nd ed and a few 3d ed games, but gave up on it.  Rules sucked and the player base became the worst sort of gamers.  And since GW no longer suppors the games that I did enjoy, there is little they have to offer me.  As most above, now I do occasionally buy some paints and inks (though the Reaper paints are far superior) and sundries.  The last figures I bought were for playing the Rogue Trader RPG from Fantasy Flight games, which we approached as though it were a BBC sci-comedy like Red Dwarf, made it good fun.

    Now, 2 years ago I apparently got a little into the drinksies at a convention and bought an Imperial Knight because I had some grand plan that I espoused to a buddy.  Neither of us remember what that plan was, so it sits in a box on my shelf and may one day get built, painted, and sold.

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    Avatar photoPaul

    Guess I am in the minority, but I do occasionally buy GW miniatures.

    40K – Never play 40K, occasionally play Shadow Wars: Armageddon, but the rules are rubbish and it is just an excuse to get the models and buildings on the table.

    Fantasy/AOS – Never played and no interest in doing so, but I have small numbers of the miniatures that I use for Frostgrave.

    Bloodbowl – I own three teams, which will see the table one day.

    Dreadfleet – Bought the boxed set a few years ago because the ships are beautiful. I painted about half of them and lost interest, but intend to complete them one day.

    However, most of the above – probably 95% – was bought second hand. Most of the remainder was actually bought by me for my wife for birthdays and Christmas – she has no interest in historical stuff, so prefers to buy me GW stuff.

    I have been threatening to convert Bolt Action rules to 40K and bully some of my mates into playing just so that the toys can get to the table. Yes, the setting is juvenile, but there is something about the bleakness of it that appeals to me, and I really enjoy scratchbuilding gothic buildings.

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    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I like their washes and their basing materials.  The washes dry very flat, in contrast to a lot of others, and gives very good results.  They also seem easier to apply in detail, to me, so that I don’t have to just slosh inks all over the place and hope for the best.  As for miniatures, the Epic stuff was all I ever really liked, and I like Vanguard’s 3mm’s way more than I ever liked GW Epics, so I’m happy to forego the new Adeptus Titanicus game, though the rules alone, if ever available, might be of some interest.

    Avatar photoLes Hammond

    Some daft figure height like 8mm is not going to tempt me into a GW outlet.

    6mm France 1940


    Avatar photoDerek H

    I regularly use some of their paints and washes.  Their base colours are very good at giving  coverage for reds and yellows in particular.   Have just bought their latest version of Kill Team and some new big style Space Marines in the hope of getting some games with my son.


    Avatar photoSane Max

    I infrequently buy paints. I have occasionally bought one of the Big Boxes if I reckon I can make a killing by painting and then selling the contents.

    Last time I bought a GW figure for my own pleasure I still worked for them.


    Avatar photoA Lot of Gaul

    The only thing I have ever purchased from GW was one of the old Citadel Battlemats. Absolutely love it, best gaming mat I have ever purchased.
    None of their miniatures, paints or other products have ever interested me.

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    Avatar photoMcKinstry

    Paints and washes for sure. If they ever bring back BFG or Man O’War, I will probably dip a toe back in the pool.

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    I buy their washes because they work well for me, and have improved the sexiness of my miniatures. I buy their Citadel paints purely because they fit best in my modelling box. If Vallejo paints fit better, I would be buying those more, but right now they are relegated to a secondary box that doesn’t always make it out of the cupboard.

    Avatar photohammurabi70

    Never purchased any products, which appear overpriced compared to the general market.   6mm is a well-established market, 8mm much less so.  Existing 6mm manufacturers will be unmoved and so, I imagine, will their customers.

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    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    If they ever bring back BFG

    They’ve made a video game of it.  It’s not bad, and you can level up your ships allowing you too add some nifty things to them.  Can even play head-to-head against a friend.  gets a little click heavy, but I have enjoyed it.

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    I have two thoughts about their move to 8mm, first is they are calling 6mm for what it really is and setting it up to creep up to 10mm. Secondly is more sinister, with their move to secure their IP I think they are trying to deny other manufacturers a foot in their pool by making 6mm in compatible (in size or detail) with their new scale.

    Considering the most of the 6mm scifi minis began as replacements for Epic 40k when they discontinued it, I wonder if the market in what-ever-GW-makes might be big enough to kick start 8mm all by itself.

    Avatar photojohn farquhar

    I’v not bought anything from games workshop since the late 80’s . I stopped buying from them when they moved away from actual roleplaying games .

    I do have a GW miniature collection but it’s all vintage and bought second hand .

    The range that they have now does’nt interest me plus it’s pretty much mass produced plastic . Not to mention very fagile and expensive but thats what it’s all about getting kids to spend as much money as possible .

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I’ll say this about GW paints though – they’re very spilly. I frequently lose more inks and washes due to upended pots than any other reason. Especially with the hinged lids – super annoying.

    Avatar photowillz

    I’ll say this about GW paints though – they’re very spilly. I frequently lose more inks and washes due to upended pots than any other reason. Especially with the hinged lids – super annoying.

    That happened to me several years ago I now have a pot glued to a square base and I decant my ink wash into that.

    Avatar photoPatrice

    I’ve lots of the old Citadel Goblins – those who looked naturally stupid but also good-humoured, before GW made whole units who were all the same and looked stupid for commercial reasons. I also have some old second-hand WH40K guards, etc, which I intended to use with some other sci-fi rules.



    When it fiirst came out, I invested heavily in Space Marine.  The plastic infantry boxes (starter forces really) were well worth it at only $10 at the time.  I think their were 3-4 sprues of stuff in each box which gave you several platoons of this and several platoons of that.  Lighter forces to be sure but that was that.  Then, with the 2nd edition came more detail and a quarter of the forces for the same price.  You got 1 sprue for $10.  The blisters seemed to increase in price as well.  With the end of that product came the end of Epic for me.

    Back in the 90s, I bought some paints at half price from GW because a friend worked at a store and he was able to use his discount for me.  I liked them so well that I continued to use their paints for many years after.  When the line changed to its current iteration, I slowly backed away and started using Vallejo paints.  At one point, I was desperate for some primer.  I was looking for Armoury Black primer but the hobby shop did not have it.  So I was going to bite the bullet and buy GW primer, a pretty good product.  But at $18 a can, I just couldn’t do it.

    GW has been gone from my system as a gaming company for many years now.  The paint line left my system  about 5 years ago (I think) and I’ve never looked back.


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