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    Cacique Caribe

    I put 4 packs of minis on the cart, totaling £10 (15USD) and the only option available to me was a shipping charge of £18 (27USD).  That comes to $42 for 32 little 15mm figures, half of which (16) are duplicates that will end up in a drawer for “conversions” at some point before I die. LOL.

    That sort of math is utterly insane, of course, so I didn’t follow through on the purchase.

    I’ve tried asking that simple question (re: stockists) before on other forums, but all I get from members there is justifications for the shipping charges, or points about how I’m saving myself VAT (value added tax) fees and/or how it’s no fault of GZG (or other UK manufacturers in the same situation).

    I’m sure it isn’t GZG’s fault at all, but I’m sure they must have come up with some other solution by now, seeing as how those rates are simply prohibitive for those of us looking to place orders from the US.  Either that or they must not miss our US business all that much.

    So … do they have a stockist in the US or Canada?  Or are they planning to?  Has anyone asked GZG that question recently?*

    Thanks a million.

    * By the way, I did ask GZG the stockist question about 6 months ago, and I got a reply that basically said not at that time.

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    That is just the nature of shipping miniatures across the Pond it seems. Whenever I (UK) buy from Iron Wind Miniature, or from CinC, I ended up having to make a huge order to justify the shipping cost, which was still nearly 1/3 of the total cost. But then got taken for custom’s fees on this side, so needed an extra £20 to get it from the post office.

    Now I get it delivered to a contact in the USA who then sneaks it in with their work mail for free. But this might not last forever.

    Steven Francis

    From a Google of Ground Zero Games USA I got…


    No idea if they have what your after but they may be able to help out. I have sadly only brought from GZG once before, but was impressed. I cut shipping out by picking up from my way home from work but not sure that is easy for all….





    Andrew Beasley

    You could try Ambush Alley Games they had a few – the shop shows a ‘group listing’ but nothing beyond that.

    I do not hold a lot of hope (as the site shows copyright of 15+ years) but maybe the Canadian group Stargrunt CA could help?

    My daughter has used a drop shipping company from the USA to U.K. maybe that’s an option in reverse?

    Wonder if you could set up a trade – offer purchase / postage of USA manufactures (plenty of 15mm your side of the pond) in exchange???  Not sure if this is even viable:

    The limit in the large letter size of 35.3 x 25 x 2.5 cm is that height of 2.5cm as it’s really tight for 15mm in a quality padded envelope.  That pushes you to a ‘small parcel’ at £7.45 for ‘up to’ 12 week delivery untracked or £17.80 for the entry tracked cost.

    What figures are you after?  I can have a hunt in my pile (in a few days TBH) and see if I have any that I can squeeze in a thin pack (tyvek envelope + card) for you.

    Cacique Caribe


    Thanks!!!  I was after some of the new Islamic Federation guys in “shemagh”.  Four sets total:

    2 sets of the rifle


    1 set of command


    1 set of support


    Andrew, do you still have my email?  Also, please let me know if you need anything from my side of the pond.

    Loads of WIPs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/with/72157710630529376


    There is a long, long thread on TMP at the moment re shipping charges. Something to do with the US withdrawing from the International Postal Union? Anyway, the upshot is a massive hike in shipping charges, apparently in both directions looking at US shipping charges to the UK now.

    Something we’ll just have to factor in when buying stuff, or an opportunity for third parties to act at intermediaries, although at some point that becomes smuggling.

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    It is why I stopped selling resin items, the vast vast majority of my revenue for them came via the USA, but with two  shipping increases in quick succession, my sales dropped by about 60 to 70% YOY.

    Just not cost effective to keep them in production.


    I suspect that Ground Zero Games may not have enough margin in their prices to be able to sell to retail.


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