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    Norm S
    I have been doing the dreaded rebasing thing!
    My 12mm Kallistra ACW come with 40mm x 20mm bases. Two side by side are ideal for my 100mm Kallistra hexes, but I have recently been bitten by the bug to go to large bases. So I picked up some 80 x 30mm bases from Minibits and broke up 12 of my smaller bases.
    At the same time, I also ordered some 30mm x 20m from Leon, with a view to basing 3 bases to a unit, giving a total frontage of 90mm. This would still fit in with my 100mm hex, but had the advantage for my Pendraken napoleonics that as well as line, march column would look good and for attack column, I could throw in an extra bases for a 2 x 2 arrangement. So I broke down another 4 bases to make them up.
    Now, after including these new bases in a few of my games, I felt that;
    Big bases –
    Advantages – Fast to move and looked nice.
    Disadvantages – road movement looked daft and was not intuitive to manage.. I like to pull two bases appart toshow skirmish formation or put them in a slight ‘V’ to show disorder, that can no longer be done and on hills or in building complexes, the units invariably had to sit with one end of the base up in the air, while smaller bases can wrap over contours and fit around buildings better.
    Smaller bases –
    Advantages, looked very good in march column and was just generally better able to reflect various formations or conditions such as disordered or shaken, without revering to markers.
    Disavdantages – To reflect Attack Column, which is a major Napoleonic formation, I needed to create a 4th base and even for line. For line, adding a 3rd base increases handling of units by 50% and for those in Attack Column by 100%. Not much there and then, but over the course of a full game it is significant, especially for bad back sufferers.
    So on balance, I feel that the 40mm, while not 100% ideal, does at least avoid the pitfalls of the other basing attempts and so, I have returned all bases back to their former 40mm compromise, which works well. I hadmade the new bases permanent to get a true idea of how they would look and manage, so they were all flocked, sanded and filled etc, to the rebasing twice just to get back to my original position has been indeed tedious and hard  on the finger-tips.
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    I am with your Norm in your / our delema basing / re-basing is the bane of wargaming.  I am slowly painting  20mm WAS/SYW armies in plastic, the question is shall I do them on 60 x60mm bases, 50 x 50mm bases or 40 x 40mm bases.  The later look right to me and have more flexibility in  appearance, however I like the 50 x 50mm and the 60 x 60mm protect the figures better.

    40 x 40mm


    60 x 60mm


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