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    The Polikarpov I-16 AKA the Donkey is an incredibly fun little plane. Why is it in DCS?  With no appropriate German planes, no soviet assets like infantry,  guns or tanks?  Well that’s DCS for you. A 3rd party developer like the plane and so made it. They are now working on the IL-7 that at least is correct enemy for late war German planes. Even tho we still don’t have any soviet assets or map.


    This is a mid version of the I-16, still armed with just 4 7.62mm machine guns. It does have an 1100HP engine. Which is quite good for a plane weighing about 800kg less than that of the Mk1 Spitfire which also had 1100HP.

    It had an open cockpit just so you could feel bad ass.

    But very fun plane. Has a turn radius even more insanely small than the Spit. And that breaks the AI in DCS.

    Flying against an Anton on Ace. The A8 has more power (tho no a higher power to weight ratio ) it is faster. Can climb better,  dive better,  it has 2 15mm machine guns and 4 20mm cannon.  Even if the A8 is less of a fighter than the earlier A3-5 it’s still superior to the Donkey in every way except the turn radius.


    So of course it goes into a turn fight…

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