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    CAG 19

    With earlier planning complete it was time to get Rolling Thunder 51 underway

    USAF Mission against Viet Tri

    Turn 1

    The EB-66B and EB-66C Jammers enter ahead of the main raid, accompanied by their CAP escorts. The CAP are orientated on Phuc Yen and Gia Lam while the Jamming is directed towards the two located SAM sites.

    Turn 2
    The SEAD and MiGCAP enter while the Jammers tease their way into the SAM envelope. While another MiG is reported over Gia Lam

    Turn 3

    The SEAD crosses the Red River Green flight is getting ready to swing onto the SAM site while the other flight heads further East looking towards the outskirts of Hanoi

    PRF rises as the SEAD flight approaches

    Jamming orbit established
    And the strikers enter
    The SAMs go active, which makes this a SAM day.  The MiG warnings are removed. From now on it is the battle of the ‘trons. The detected SAM is active and a new site west of Hanoi has come in the air. It isn’t located but it’s emissions have been. This will become a “SAM Warning” counter later today when my printer has a new cartridge fitted.
    In the meantime the SAM site acquires the closest SEAD and despite having all the jamming directed at it, I still roll 19 so the SAM has full acquisition on the the flight.
    In DT the SAM fires as a result of the US movement, so like in real life  it is cat and mouse in the early period as the Shrikes range is inside that of the SAM.  The SAM will get a shot off first as the flight moves to within 4 hexes (or about 16km)
    The launch plume is clearly visible but the SAM sails harmlessly by.  The Weasel crew don’t know it yet but they will be buying beer for the EB-66C crew later
    The Weasel prepares to fire the Shrike from a range of 2 hexes and the missile drops away from the rail cleanly.  The operator in the SAM control doesn’t know what to do and the missile rips into the control van and the secondary explosions wreck the site.  The Weasels can now deal with the secondary site. One of the F-105F is out of Shrike shots so will have to go in close and put some CBU units onto the SAM if the last Weasel’s shot misses.
    With the main site down the Jamming mission realign and the strike package crosses over the Red River (Hong)

    I might not fly much more of this mission.  I was lucky to roll the target I did and there isn’t very much SAM coverage in the Eastern part of the Route Package.
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    This is the SAM warning marker that I always wanted to make for a minis version of Downtown…

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Just Jack


    Great stuff man.  I always loved Wild Weasel/Iron Hand stuff in particular, pretty tense stuff.

    I’m not following though: why aren’t you going to fly much more of the mission?  It seemed like things are going well.


    CAG 19

    Thanks for the comments.

    in terms of “not much more” as this is a SAM day there are only two remaining SAM sites which can effect the raid. I will play out the Iron hand on the next one. If it is destroyed the bombers have a clear run onto the target. The only thing that can disrupt them then is a FIRECAN in the target hex. So I might only play up to the point they turn for home.

    CAG 19

    I am actually glad I did run some more of this one out. It turned into a right wild west shoot out even with only 3 SAMs in play.

    The Weasels get into a bit of a mess. Without an active RADAR to target the Shrike on Red Flight isn’t any good so he aligns onto the active site. This leaves Green to drop his CBU onto the detected but currently inactive site, problem is both flights are about to get illuminated by FAN SONG.

    The rest of the raid is poised for the next stage in the mission, however the quiet SAM site suddenly comes up on the air and gains a partial acquisition on the Red Weasel flight while Green is already acquired.

    SAM fire is triggered by US movement, the F-105F flight on the bomb run is targeted by a currently undetected SAM. Distracted by the SAM he reports no visible effect from his bomb run and the FAN SONG is still warbling away.

    The SEAD force get some unwelcome attention from the two active SAM sites who target both the Weasel flights

    Strikers get close when the SAMs start to come up

    Things begin to get interesting

    The SAMs have more targets apart from the SEAD force and are to trying to disrupt the strike.  One missile streaks toward the lead F-105 while the other still attempts to engage the persistent Weasel. Ignoring the incoming missiles, the F-105s are hit by the Light AAA and two aircraft damaged.  A FIRECAN appears in the target hex as well and damages a third aircraft in the next turn as well.

     A little too close to comfort, Weasel 2 has to jettison his CBUs and turn inside the SAM resulting in a loss of altitude.

    Shoot Out Vietnam style. The two remaining SAM sites engaging the Weasels and the Strike force

     The SAM is at extreme range and the Weasel continues his mission and begins to turn to take a run onto the target to try and close down the FIRECAN

     Another flurry of SAM shots as the Strikers leave the target.  The FIRECAN causes another damaged result

    The Strike package is egressing, the support remains in place to support the Recon effort

    The RF-101C enters the table at Low Altitude and high speed like any respecting recon pilot should

    A game of chicken.  The FIRECAN in the target is itching to shoot at the recon bird preventing the BDA, while the remaining Weasel has declared its lining up for a Shrike shot

    The Shrike hits, leaving the recon bird to only have to deal with the local AAA.  BDA complete and the strike heads home to the O Club.  End result decisive victory to the US with huge smoke plumes rising from the ruined POL site.  Photo evidence confirms the pilots claims that the majority of the bombs landed within the site perimeter.

    So note to self, play the game 🙂

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    Rod Robertson

    CAG 19:

    I am glad you played out the rest of the mission! The second half of the game was what made the AAR, in my opinion. Good stuff. It may be realistic when you successfully suppress all the SAM sites but it’s much more interesting when the other side can shoot back. The missiles and con-trails looked great and really add something to the already excellent board. Thanks for posting this and I look forward to more meticulously planned and executed missions in the future.

    If you tire of running missions in Vietnam. I could suggest a mission or two in Alberta, Canada that really needs to happen. Communist Chinese infiltrators disguised as Irish panda bears with Napoleon complexes are threatening the stability of the pro-Western and pro-business government there and need to be neutralised. It would be great if we could call in an air-stike or two to put this threat down.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    Good AAR !!! Kept me on the edge of my seat !!!

    CAG 19

    Thanks for the comments,

    in terms of lessons identified:

    • Time spent preparing is seldom wasted.
    • The jamming effort needs to be more spread out to cover potential new threats.  As they can change the jamming arc I don’t need to be so worried about orbits but it was very hard not to get carried away and overfly AAA zones.
    • As soon as I knew it was a SAM day it was quite tempting to abort the CAP aircraft just in case they became a target to a new SAM threat, I didn’t and kept them in close proximity to their charges.
    • Need to remember that charging in a speed 5 means that the bombs don’t arm correctly and that I need to plan the attack just a little more.  I can also change the run in as well once within 2 hexes which might mean it is easier to tighten up the TOT.
    • Need to make up the SAM Warning markers and also sort out the Partial/Full Acquisition markers.  I used to use 6mm dice but couldn’t find them in the box.  I have some more on their way.
    • Pick the callsigns ahead of the game as Red, Blue and Green don’t add to the flavour


    CAG 19

    I can reply to an existing post, just not create anything new in this forum.

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