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    I have posted the first addition of the rules I will be using for my Niagara 1814 project. The rules are based on Loose Files and American Scramble which I use for Rev War. Have played them for a long time and greatly enjoy them. Made some changes based on how we play the rules.  Curious on feed back or suggestions.  Thank you in advance.


    Here are my rules;



    My interpretation and how I play the original rules set;



    And of course the original rules I have based my rules on for comparison;



    Thanks for that Mark. I printed off the lot. I looked at Loose Files years ago with some interest, but my tricorne redcoats and their friends are all single-mounted 25mm, and I never adapted the rules to play with my figures. My 15mm 1812 are mounted like your 28s, it should be straight-forward to play your rules using my smaller figures, without even changing any measurements. I’ll see how they work.

    By the way, the type on the first two pages you linked printed very, very small for me, so letters so tiny I could hardly read them. The third page, the Loose Files rules, printed a normal size. In my print window, I adjusted the first two images to 70% of size, instead of ‘shrink to fit’. That *should* have made them smaller, but instead it made them bigger. Hunh. The size adjustment crowded the rightmost pane, the one with all your links, off the printed page, which was fine by me. The result was somewhat larger type, still pretty small, but that was the biggest I could print it and still fit on an 8.5 X 11″ sheet of paper. Maybe it’s a browser issue, I’m using an oldish version of Firefox. Don’t know whether anyone else is having the same problem. You put a fair amount of work into your blog, the graphics are usually excellent, so I thought you’d like to know.

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    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!


    I am looking at getting into this theatre so will try the rules out when I have some forces based.


    Posted a quick play of the rules with simple terrain and a few troops.


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