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    Remember those Zvezda Cursed Legion models? Well, finally got them on the table this weekend as we had a six player Dragon Rampant beat down. Mantic Dwarves, Mantic Elves, my Skeletons squared off against gobbos, more, gobbos, Ral Partha Dwarves, and great Cth-Achoo! himself as a greater warbeast.

    The almost finished Treeman threatened his opponents the day before the game was to begin. Still a few details shy and the latest wash was still wet at the time of the photo.

    Almost complete (basic still needed finishing) Mantic Brock Riders took the field squaring off against their distant cousins, some 25mm Ral Partha (I think) 1980’s bear riders.

    The Great Old One flew (literally) across the battlefield as a Greater Warbeast. Said Treeman picture earlier was a Lesser Warbeast and was killed in turn two by foul Goblin magic. Squigs, sider riders, and the poor harried sheep herder kept pace.



    Gobbos to my right that were supposed to be harried by the elves. The elves seemed determined to wheel behind my skeletons and allow them to take the brunt of all charges, magic, missiles, and noxious Old Ones.


    My own valiant, and slightly dead troops bracing themselves to take on an Elder One.



    And, yeah, the great thing about the Dragon Rampant rules are that even the biggest model isn’t beyond the scope of being brought low. Given, it took half my army to achieve this but hey…

    Oh hey, elves! Ghostly riders that will be painted come next game I’m sure.


    The battle that took several turns..



    And once we removed Achoo-loo I started drinking beer in earnest and forgot my phone had a camera… The forces of… Good… Evil…? My side of the table held the day as we couldn’t decide if a Grating Old One was more evil than restless Romans. Afterwards we cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs, drank more beer and had an utterly relaxing and fantastic day.

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