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    Brewer Beware!

    The smoking ruins of Gitt’s Farm were still visible over the hill as Father Buckfast stood at the door of the Temple of Yeast, idly mulling over the day’s brewing.  He was briefly jolted from his musings as his young dwarven assistant Dora Dorasdottir struggled past with a socket wrench as long as she was tall, heading for the workshop.  No doubt she had planned even more modifications to her latest invention, Old Reliable, a mechanical monstrosity of iron and old barrels that terrorised the local children as it hissed and clanked to and from town pulling the old two-wheeled cart.  Whoever would have thought such a thing could be powered by raw alcohol?  His brow furrowed as young Dora came running up shouting and waving her arms…something about the dead?  He glanced over to the coffins of the soon to be buried.  Whatever was she on about now?

    The dwarven miners led by Lars Larsson marched on the village sending ahead their scouts to secure the Temple.  They deployed just in time as the grinning skulls and mouldering corpses of the Balverine’s warband came across the brow of the hill and started towards them:

    Undead Army (24pts ish)

    The Balverine (barrow wight with greater warbeast, leader, undead)

    2 x Skeletons (light infantry, offensive, undead)

    2 x zombies (ravening hordes, undead)

    1 x scouts (undead, invisible)

    Dwarven Defenders (30pts ish)

    Lars Larsson and Bodyguard (elite)

    2 x warriors (heavy infantry, offensive)

    1 x crossbows (heavy missile)

    1 x scouts

    1 x Old Reliable (Bellicose Foot, Exploder)

    The scouts advanced nervously having been deployed ahead of the line, ready to meet the oncoming dead and sell their lives dearly as the dwarven line advanced tentatively, Lars Larsson pinning the centre while the exasperated Dora ran behind Old Reliable trying to keep up. As the dead approached the precious fields of barley and hops the scouts engaged a group of skeleton warriors and although they fought bravely and ran for the safety of the church were overrun and slain.  Seizing his opportunity The Balverine summoned an unearthly spark and set the brewhouse alight as his warriors entered the fields, spirits on the left flank, skeletons on the right and zombies in the centre.  Enraged at the smell of burning yeast Old Reliable charged the zombies throwing them aside like skittles while his handler desperately tried to reign him in.  As the Balverine laid a field to the torch he was suddenly bowled over by the raging automaton and as Dora and the nearby Lars stood thunderstruck Old Reliable pummelled him into the earth leaving only his smoking armour and rusting sword behind.

    The battle raged with the dwarves getting the upper hand, scattering the undead to the four winds but at what cost.  All the fields and the brewhouse were aflame with only the stone Temple standing unscathed.  Lars surveyed the scene of battle and with the smell of burning hops filling his nostrils turned to his most trusted captain…


    For part 1 see:


    Death to all fanatics!

    Steve Johnson

    Very nice! I love the barrel shaped monster thingy, which is very cool.

    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    And Old Reliable goes wild.  Nice!  Never underestimate the destructive capability of machine made by a lunatic with a wrench.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    I was refereeing and the idea in my head was the golem running amok while the handler ran behind desperately trying to get him under control.  I must confess,I was a little disappointed that they didn’t choose to use his exploder ability but probably best for the sake of balance!

    Death to all fanatics!


    Looks like a fun game.

    Tired is enough.

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