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    Nathaniel Weber

    We played a Dragon Rampant game, using Games Workshop orcs vs Medieval humans (mostly Old Glory late medieval troops, I think).  For our first game we made minimum modification of the game (I let the archers shoot better from their mountaintop positions, and tweaked the stats of the Goblin spider riders slightly) and played it straight out of the rule book. It was a great time, with the orcs needing several tries to break through the barricades.  I am assembling ideas for putting other GW forces in the field with stats reflective of that particular interpretation of fantasy forces—adjusting some of the attack and courage values, for instance; coming up with new spells and a few special rules—without ruining Rampant’s clean mechanics with endless special rules.

    Anyway, some pictures and more at my blog, http://thedogsbrush.blogspot.com/2017/07/orc-assault-pictures-of-dragon-rampant.html   Not a real write up, just pictures.  Behold, geohex I have gamed on since I was 8! Behold, the orc army I watched my uncle varnish out in the front yard when I was five years old!


    I clicky the linky but:


    Darkest Star Games

    Been wondering about these rules.  How many little bowmen got crushed by the ugly giant smurfs?

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Nathaniel Weber

    @Mike: No linky for you! 🙂 I fixed the link so it works now.

    @Darkest Star: The rules work great. They would need more tweaking, of little things, to home in on specific flavor from different universes—I think the special unit rules in the game are a bit too generic.  But as for game play, they are very easy to play and the command mechanic results in tough decisions.

    The archers, up a cliff that that trolls couldn’t quite ascend, did okay for a while…until, over several turns, half the unit was melted by troll vomit being thrown up hill 🙂 (a 6″ range missile attack!)

    William Minsinger

    Awesome looking game.  Currently my favorite set of fantasy rules.  I agree it’s a great chance to break out your GW minis!  Would be interested in seeing your tweaks as you work on them.



    Looks like a good game. I always like to see old GW or Citadel fantasy miniatures fighting historical medieval humans.


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