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    Ivan Sorensen

    Alright, so we have 3 characters facing off against 3 generic orcs.

    Character 1 is a retainer we’ll call Begolas.
    He has a bow and the traits EAGLE EYED and SWIFT

    Character 2 is a Hero we’ll call Brider. (Big hit with the ladies, no doubt).
    He has a sword, light armour and the traits BORN LEADER and SWORDSMAN

    Character 3 is a retainer we’ll call Bimli.
    He has a trusty axe, heavy armour and the traits TOUGH and STUBBORN.

    We’re playing a bit narrative so we’ll just eye-ball the traits as we go, but if we wanted to nail them down in advance, they might look something like:
    EAGLE EYED (+1D to archery), SWIFT (+1 to movement rolls)

    The three orcs are all Minions. Plain grunts with no distinguishing marks or traits.

    First move
    We’ll let the heroes go first, so Bimli wants to rush forward.

    As a retainer he rolls two dice, picking the higher.
    We roll a 3 and a 4, so he gets to move up 4″.
    For his Stubborn trait, i’d be tempted to do something like “count 6’s as 5’s on movement dice”.

    Alright, we’ll roll initiative now.
    1D6 for each side, we get to add one because Baragorn has a leadership related trait.
    We get a 4 (modified) and they get a 6, so they go next.

    Orc move

    The orc near Bimli wants to move to attack him.
    Minions roll a single die to move but he gets a respectable 6″ move and enters close combat.

    Minions get a plain 2 combat dice and cannot get bonuses for anything. The green-skin rolls a 1 and 2.
    We need a 5+ to land a hit, so nothing happens.
    Worse, because we rolled a 1 and didn’t get any hits, the orc fumbles.
    A roll on the fumble table gives Bimli a free attack.

    Retainers get 2 attack dice but can add bonuses. Unfortunately, none of his traits are really relevant, but he gets a 3 and a 5.
    The orc is stunned and stumbles back 3″.

    Initiative roll

    We roll a 1, modified to a 2.
    The orcs get a 6, so they can go again.

    Orc move
    The middle orc moves towards our elf, rolling a 4 for movement.
    We figure at least one of these cretins must have a bow, so he’ll take a shot.
    Again, minions receive two dice and he misses (3 and 4).

    The orcs decide to pass initiative voluntarily so play switches to the heroes.

    Hero turn
    Begolas has had enough and takes a shot at the orc advancing on him and firing arrows.
    He has 3 dice (2 for being a retainer and an extra for being EAGLE EYED.
    Rolling, we get 4, 5 ,6 knocking the orc Down. (as we got two successes)

    Minions are gone for the remainder of the battle.

    Initiative roll
    With only one character left on each side, the orcs wish to contest the initiative, so we roll again, this time granting us a +2 bonus (for Baragorn plus scoring a kill this turn).
    We get a modified 7 versus their 4.

    Hero turn
    Baragorn leaps into action, moving to charge the stunned orc fighting Bimli.
    Heroes roll three dice to move, scoring a 5, 5, 6.

    That gives us 6″ of movement but we get to add +1 as we rolled a double.

    Moving 7″, he enters close combat easily.
    Baragorn gets 3 dice as a hero, is a SWORDSMAN for +1 and is fighting a stunned enemy for a total of 5 dice.
    1, 1, 6, 6, 6. Ouch.

    The orc suffers a Gruesome death.
    In a campaign, this means the victim is dead for sure and it will have a few other effects.

    Orc turn
    The last orc rolls a 5 to move and advances on Baragorn to avenge his vile brethen.

    Entering close combat, the orc scores a 3 and a 6. Enough to stun Baragorn but we get a defensive die due to wearing light armour.
    ROlling a single die, we score a 5, negating the success and escaping harm.

    Orc morale test
    The orcs have a Fear score of 3 (one down, one horrible death)
    They roll a D6 and fail to roll above a 3, meaning they are now Rattled.
    If they fail another morale test, they will flee the fight though it’s unlikely they’ll survive another turn.

    Hope this illustrates the basics of combat.
    Things were left out of course, but that’s the basics of how things go down.

    Nordic Weasel Games


    Thanks for the combat example, it has certainly piqued my interest.

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