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    Ivan Sorensen

    For this example, we’ll generate 5 characters.
    Rather than rolling for each characters level, we’ll make it a hero, a retainer, two grunts and an elite.

    For the grunts and elite, we just need to know their general story so we can pick a suitable miniature.
    Using the tables, we get a mercenary soldier, a petty thief and the elite is a scout.

    Okay, good enough.

    We want to roleplay a bit, so we use all the tables.
    Our retainer grew up as an outcast or drifter but was caught up in a rebellion that pushed him into a life of adventuring.
    Her calling is to be a tinkerer, always fiddling with strange things she discovers.

    Her passion is Sacrifice while her vice is Lawlessness. Always willing to do what it takes for her friends, even at risk for herself, her youth has made her pretty hesitant about rules and authority.

    We get two traits.
    We’ll roll one of them on the rulebook tables and create one from scratch.

    We roll up QUICK THINKER giving a 1 die bonus to any snap reaction.
    Typically this applies to situations where an enemy just came into sight or under ambush.

    We opt to give her a TRAP HUNTER trait, which we’ll take as a 5+ to bypass a trap.

    The hero

    Our hero came from a primitive background but has travelled far in the world following a warrior calling.
    Yeah, I’m thinking stereotypical barbarian guy there.

    For a nice twist, his passion is Compassion but his vice is Disdain.
    We’ll read that (through hte barbarian lens) as being harsh on people he does not know yet, distrusting their alien ways but once he is won over, he’ll be your best friend.

    We’ll end up with four traits.
    I opt to take the first as SWORDSMAN (+1D when using said weapon) and two rolls give us BRAVE (+1 to group morale tests) and BARTER (roll 5+ after each game to get some gold by selling scraps)

    I add a BURLY trait (+1D when having to lift, push or knock down things).

    We opt to not have a spell caster in the group at this point.

    And with that, our party is ready to undertake an adventure together!

    Nordic Weasel Games


    So you get dice to roll (+1D for example) and Skills that have a target number (5+ for example).

    Ivan Sorensen

    The target number is always a 5 on most rolls.

    You get a base number of dice based on the type of character, with traits giving bonus dice.

    f.x. a Hero gets 3 dice as a base, add a die for each applicable trait and for any situational advantage.

    In some cases, there’s a dice cap, f.x. Elite models cannot go above 3 dice typically.

    Nordic Weasel Games

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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