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    Don Glewwe

    What sort (if any) of gaming can be done to represent the first year of the war?

    I know Mike (quidvertitas) has dabbled in this.


    Any thoughts?  Or do we just wait another year…?


    Billy Fish

    It looks as thoug air and naval gaming get short shrift on this site, Don.


    At 60 I’m too old and my knees to bad to play Cordite and Steel Naval games on the floor any more but I did die on many German Battle Cruisers in the early 8o’s . Never got the hang of WW1 air games.


    Not the short end of the stick, but rather air combat was really pretty much under developement in early WW1…. the first airplanes on any front were pretty much for recon. This quickly evolved though when some very innovative folks got involved…. how can we stop those pesky planes from taking pictures of our lines! Thus the air escalation war had begun.



    Derek Watson

    World War One AirWar;


    On Sunday September 28th, we will be running a Wings of War WWI Game at 1pm it the MIGS wargame club here in Hamilton, Ontario.




    At Fort MIGS, the officer’s mess??? I thought you guys mostly played Canvas Eagles???

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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