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    Mike Harrop

    As I expanded my terrain collection I found that I was in need of a bridge to cross my river, I’ve tried to go with a generic wooden look suited to rural Eastern Europe, it’s a little wide so it will accommodate my figure basing.

    Scale shot with a Opel Blitz Truck and PaK-38

    It’s all scratch built except for the Telegraph pole which is from Perfect Six Scenics and the tree from a Chinese eBay seller.

    C and C welcomed


    "This lighthouse is under attack, and by morning we may all be dead!" The 4th Doctor - Horror of Fang Rock

    Norm S

    That is very nicely modelled, you must have a lovely set-up.

    I have stared at this piece for ages – really nice. What base material do you use for your river systems and how wide / long is a typical section. Did you have to deal with any warping problems? – thanks Norm.

    Alexander Wasberg

    A very nice piece indeed. Am I correct in assuming the bridge is made up of matchsticks or maybe toothpicks?


    Must say that’s a wonderful piece and I really like the way you’ve painted the water. Love to see a few pics of your terrain layout it must be quite striking,



    Beautiful. Like everyone else, I would love to see the whole setup.

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    Mike Harrop

    Thanks for the kind words everyone.
    @Norm Smith – the rivers are made with 5mm thick MDF that came in the packaging of our new oven, a typical section can be between 30cm – 80cm long and 17cm wide without warping,
    @Alexander Wasberg – the bridge is 2 kebab skewers to span the river with toothpicks glued on top.

    Ask and you shall receive, here’s a few pics I’ve taken of my current set up for a small skirmish game set in 1943 Russia, no river on these photos though.

    An aerial view

    Some other shots across the table.


    "This lighthouse is under attack, and by morning we may all be dead!" The 4th Doctor - Horror of Fang Rock

    malc johnston

    Not a 6mm big fan but i can see the interest for others on that scale, i find the scale very neat and tidy and what you have done is a great job, love the bridge and the wonderful detail, you are a credit to the hobby.


    Angel Barracks

    Chinese eBay seller.

    wee honest?

    As a long time lover of 6mm I have to say that your post helps show off many of the great things about 6mm.


    Wonderful looking layout, well done sir.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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