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    Currently basing and labelling my ECW figures, which has got me thinking about rules for ECW artillery and how we represent light/medium/heavy field pieces in model form.

    I must admit that ‘ECW artillery’ would not be my specialist subject on Mastermind, so any help is gratefully received (and forgive any faux pas).


    Looking at rule sets there seems to be a light, medium and heavy category. (Cursory looks at 1644, Warhammer, Forlorn Hope, Pike & Shotte, Baroque.) Having looked at the Osprey Artillery book this seems to be an oversimplification, or am I misinterpreting this?

    Heavy siege pieces, these don’t appear to be included in rules, but do get a mention. I am guessing these would be cannons and demi cannons?

    Field pieces seem to be the light, medium and heavy. But what about frame guns,and those musket barrels on wheels much loved by Sealed Knot?

    Heavy field – culverins and demi-culverins?

    Medium – sakers?

    Light- minions and falcons?


    Out of interest what would do you think the Peter Pig artillery models best represent? Heavy, medium, light, very light models (and frame guns)


    Guy Farrish

    Have a look at this:ECW Cannon p.2 gives a list of artillery types with calibre, length, weight of shot, range, (note the calibres given here did vary – sometimes by an inch). It is taken from ‘The Gunner’ by Robert Norton c1630.

    As for Peter Pig – sorry, dunno!


    Many thanks Guy. I’ve seen variations on that table before, but that one seems clearer to understand.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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