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    Part 1

    Youbos is a dustball. On the edge of UCS space, the government presence is minimal. The sector Govenor is out to enrich himself, and as such cares little for the plight of the average citizen. On this planet, there is the barest minimum of regular UCS military forces, found in a small garrison on the planetary capitol city.

    One of the only ways to make a living on Youbos is to farm moisture from beneath the desert, or from the air. It is on one such farm we find ourselves now: another evening, another shakedown by local “law enforcement”.


    Pleasantries exchanged, the lawmen get down to business. Sara wants none of it. She has hired some help to disuade the uniformed thugs from bothering her again. Failing to reason with the men, she gives the signal to her help.

    Corde Tane leans out from behind one building and opens up with her shotgun, pinning one thug and missing another.

    Ulrich Nolan pins another with a shot from his Lenherr rifle. The Lenherr rifle is designed to be used by large game hunters. It can punch through the armoured hides of some of the toughest creatures the galaxy can throw at you. This attribute has not gone un-noticed by those who would shoot at other humans though.

    The lawmen open fire, the leader and backup (armed with am assault rifle), sending a hail of bullets at the farmers. Jane falls, not moving. Sara looks over, unable to hide her emotions.

    In response, Corde opens fire again, pinning some of the lawmen, bullets flying everywhere.

    Sara and another lawman exchange fire, the lawman falling to the ground, hit by a shot to the head, dead before he lands.

    Having backed off, the lawmen decide to advance in order to end the firefight and loot the premises. However, caught in a crossfire the squad leader takes a few rounds, takes a few steps, then keels over bleeding. There is nothing his men can do for him. Shaken, they decide to fall back, return to town and regroup.

    On their way back, Ulrich manages to take down another with a pinpoint shot.

    Sara looks over the carnage: Jane is gone. Was it worth it? Three lawmen escaped and will surely be back in greater numbers. Ulrich and Corde forgo their fee, this is less about making money than it is about helping those in need.

    “I could use some help packing. I won’t be staying here” announces Sara.
    “Sure thing, we will do what we can” replies Ulrich.
    “We will need to go into town and get a flight offworld” says Corde. “We have another conract surveying potential colony sites in the Khalla sector. We could probably help you get work over that way, further away from the arm of UCS law?”

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    Cool! Love a bit of space western. Starport Scum is serving you well for this kind of gameplay, then?


    Cool! Love a bit of space western. Starport Scum is serving you well for this kind of gameplay, then?

    Yes I find Starport Scum perfect for this type of game play. I don’t have the time or imagination or friends to run  proper rpg game with D20 and deep lore.

    Starport Scum enables me to build characters as deep or simple as I want. It has simple combat that is affected by the character traits and weapons/gear carried. There are different levels of character ranging from cannon fodder up to near invulnerable.

    The character traits and weapons are entirely up to me to invent.  So for example Ulrich Nolan has Survivalist – immune to harsh environmental conditions (I forgot to have any this game), Hunter – +1d6 when attacking non humans. He also has a powerful gun that ignores armour, but if he moves and shoots he loses 1d6 on his attack. All of that I pretty much made up after reading the guidelines a few times.

    When it comes to doing stuff, there are guidelines for that too. For example, if Sara had passed her negotiation roll (must get 5 or 6 on both d6 rolls) she may not have had to fight every lawman.

    The whole thing just provides a framework for me to make a story.


    I like the idea of building your own characters. Being able to have different traits, weapons etc……I did read a bit more about Starport Scum, found it interesting. As it is the sort of thing I go in for. Can’t remember where I was reading it. Maybe of been on your blog?

    Ulrich Nolan’s Lenherr rifle seems quite tasty. Kind of reminds me of a Barret .50, my type of dude.

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    I like the idea of building your own characters. Being able to have different traits, weapons etc……I did read a bit more about Starport Scum, found it interesting. As it is the sort of thing I go in for. Can’t remember where I was reading it. Maybe of been on your blog? Ulrich Nolan’s Lenherr rifle seems quite tasty. Kind of reminds me of a Barret .50, my type of dude.

    I was inspired by the Barrett but didn’t want him to just be a sniper. So I didn’t give any bonuses at range, just the armour piercing ability.

    These rules hit the sweet spot between rpg and miniatures wargame with minimal effort if wanted. I cannot recommend them enough. It is possible you looked at my blog or Alexander Wasberg as we are fairly active here and use those rules.


    Get ye back lure of the dry desert arid crappy world!
    Get ye back temptation!

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    Part 2: Grabbing a ride.

    Garen’s Spring. A small township where moisture is purified, turned into drinking water and then sold on. It is also the nearest settlement of any consequence to Sara’s farm. This is where Sara, Ulrich and Corde are headed. Sara knows a mechanic with a vehicle that will be able to get them across the wastes to a town large enough to have a space port.

    Sara and Corde approach Garen’s Spring. So far there have been no suspicions raised. The lawmen who escaped may still be being debriefed. Ulrich dismounted earlier and has circled round to the west of the town. He will be covering their exit should the heat come down.

    With suspicion still low, Sara and Corde dismount their car and meet up with the mechanic. They will be taking the red van across the wastes. Getting into the van, the begin their journey out of town, the local law still none the wiser.

    Their luck runs out and the lawmen open fire. A few bullets to the propultion system and the van shudders to a halt, smoking. Corde and Sara jump out firing wildly to immediate effect. Two officers crumple to the ground and another dives for cover. They might make it out of town, but now need to find a ride somehow.

    Ulrich takes a shot at the final remaining guard, keeping him pinned.

    Our farmer turned criminal flags down a vehicle, threatens the driver and climbs aboard, mechanic in tow. Corde takes out the final guard and hops on the back. Officers from across town begin heading over taking pot shots to no effect. On the way out of town Ulrich hops aboard. Next stop a space port, a ride off of this dustball and a journey over to the Khalla sector.

    Alexander Wasberg

    Some start to an adventure this is! Glad so see somebody else getting as much use out of Starport Scum as I do! (in my more productive moments)


    How did you make the Tarmac and the built-up area, they look really nice?


    The tarmac is just self adhesive floor tiles from Poundland. I liked the texture so just sprayed and dry brushed. I my dry brush more. The underside still has the protective sticker over the glue.

    Unfortunately Poundland does not stock this exact kind anymore, and the texture of others is not as good. But that being said, I like the texture of the glue side, which is the roads. Just take the sticker off and paint over the glue.


    I wonder what awaits over in the Khalla sector.

    My guess would be………



    Part three returns after a long hiatus. I wanted to get this campaign going again to show off the new basing and to get some quick games in.


    On the left, the goons, cannon fodder, hired guns. On the right, Lief Weyer, Corde Tane, Ulrich Nolan.

    Exploring habitable planets pre-colonization was a good gig. Identifying suitable settlement areas, rich mineral deposits, arable land, or dangerous zones is an invaluable service and many corporations and governments will willingly outsource this job to nameless, faceless, expendable nobodys. Ulrich Nolan and Corde Tane are such nobodys. Scans from orbit had shown activity in this area, and as such it needed to be investigated. It could have been anything from local fauna, other exploration teams, pirates lying low or even an illicit colonization attempt.

    As Lief Weyer approaches the ridge he stumbles across a friendly face.
    “What are you doing out ahead here?” he asks.
    “Just scouting ahead,” comes the reply. Happy for an extra body Weyer calls over to Nolan to let him know what is happening.

    Ulrich Nolan crests the ridge and sees fields and buildings in the distance. This shouldn’t be here. Deon b is an uninhabited planet and this place looks like it is more than just a pirate hideout.

    Corde Tane approaches another ridge and is ambushed by a few unknown gunmen. These armour-clad strangers might prove to be dangerous. Thank goodness for always being prepared.

    A fierce firefight ensues in which one of the armoured men dives for cover, as does Corde. Bullets fly, dust is kicked up. This exploration job might prove to be one of the more difficult ones.


    Popping his head up to get a good shot, Ulrich comes under more fire, takes a few hits and goes down bleeding heavily. Luckily he is able to stem the bleeding but is unable to continue the fight.


    Thundering towards the grunts the beast attacks. It takes many hits, bullets finding their way through it’s thick hide, but they don’t seem to have much impact. Slowing this monster only slightly.


    Corde manages to finally take down the leader, tearing his armoured torso to shreds with her shotgun.

    Unfortunately three more mysterious gunmen appear. These uniformed miscreants look like they are on the payroll of a much more organised institution. Who could they be?


    One of Nolan’s team goes down in a hail of claws and teeth. There is little left of him to send back home. Weyer starts to think of the letter that will need to be written.


    Corde and her companion pin and kill the new imposters. Keeping up this hail of bullets isn’t, however, sustainable. They need to move on and find out more about this settlement.

    Backing up, the remaining grunts keep firing on the beast.

    Finally, at long last, Weyer manages to take down the beast. It shrieks, hauntingly as it collapses. There might be something here. Something worth studying…or selling.


    Corde and Lief enter the village and are met by a solitary figure.
    “Who are you, and why are you here?” asks Corde.
    “And what the hell was that giant creature?” adds Lief.
    “Come inside” is the only response they get.

    Alexander Wasberg

    Great to see this project starting up again!

    I wonder what will happen next? Keep up the good work


    Now that I have decided to just set it up on my living room floor so I can also talk to my wife while playing it should hopefully be easier to game more. So expect some updates shortly. There are many unanswered questions. Also as I wrote the blog near midnight I might need to revisit it and improve.

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