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    Just Jack


    Here’s the troops next up on the posting block: Elhiem 20mm Modern German infantry and KSK. I bought three packs, but stole two figures out of the group to move over to the good guys. What do I mean ‘good guys?’ Well, I’m gearing up for an Imagi-Nation campaign in the Balkans, and I needed bad guys. Modern Germans are definitely good guys, but I don’t have any wargaming use for them. But, looking at pics online, I absolutely love the figures, and so I picked three packs up to be Serbian Special Forces, most definitely bad guys in my campaign.

    The whole group of nine men; four have helmets, four have balaclavas/shemaghs, and one has a soft cap. Done up, once again, with my very humble basing consisting of green flock on pennies… Let’s get to the figs, which are, as usual with Elhiem, absolutely beautiful.

    I did up sort of a German ‘ambush’ pattern (apparently they wear something similar today in Afghanistan), with a desert yellow base, a dark brown, and a dark green. The green and brown don’t look much different here. Anyway, a great looking figure.

    To see a bunch more photos, please check the blog at:

    And that’s my bad guy Serbs, the “Tigers.” Hopefully they don’t rough me up too bad. More to come. I’m really just posting this to let everyone know we’ve taken a bad turn; my campaign won’t start this weekend as we’ve had a death in the family and we’re working on the arrangements.


    Rod Robertson

    Great stuff Just Jack!

    Love the camo and the beards!

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    Nice work Just Jack…..oh and I’m still alive.

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