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    Elite: Dangerous has just gone in to the Beta stage and is available for £50.

    I’ve been playing since early Alpha and to be honest it’s been one of the smoothest most polished games I’ve seen. It’s everything I was hoping it would be, hints of Traveller, Blake’s 7, Douglas Adams in the background material, solid gameplay (beta remember so they are still adding things) and whole bunch of official Elite novels.

    I highly recommend it (and the books!)


    Take a look at the forums too, on the whole more mature than your usual gaming forums


    Avatar photoMike

    Good shout, I will take a look tonight at those links.

    Avatar photoMike

    Is it like EVE?


    No not really, you are flying the ship as you would with a simulator. You have all the trading side of things and the fighting if that’s what you want to do, but exploration is also a big part with the entire Milky Way mapped out, there are billions of planets and only a very small area of civilization. As you move away from the core worlds you’ll meet less and less people and you’ll never be able to see everything even if you played for the rest of your life! Eve may be big, but you still get forced into bottlenecks and there are players everywhere. In Elite if you go far enough out you’ll find planets no one has ever visited and possible never will again. I think there are plans for multiplayer ships, but no more than two or three players though. The economic model sounds like it is intended to be very deep and there are three factions at play too.

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    I played this at Fantasticon wearing the Oculus Rift DK2 and the experience was incredible. A VR set, headphones and joystick gave me total game immersion and I could of spent all day exploring space and my 3D cockpit. The fiction is pretty good too.

    - Simon |

    Avatar photoDoomkitten

    I, too, have been goofing about with this since fairly early Alpha.  I love it, but trying to play it without a ‘stick made me truly appreciate how complicated the controls are!



    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Reading through this made me yearn for a few games of original Elite.  I found a decent version here: http://www.new-kind.com/download-elite-new-kind/ so, I’ve been spending the odd spare 20-minutes on some more nostaligic gaming.


    You can get the PC version of the original game from Frontier for free


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    I play occasionally – it is a superb recreation of the original with all the updates you would hope for. The on;y problem is, well, it can be a little bit like working as a courier, go here, pick that up, take it there, sell it, rinse and repeat till you can afford a bigger ship, do it again but bigger etc.

    Sometimes the fun element may be adrift.

    Its a great game, def a keeper, but sometimes a bit hard work

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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