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    Having defeated the Jolly Good Chaps in the last episode the Disgruntled Sons of the Empire have escaped in a stolen van with the top secret documents and are on their way to a private airfield where a plane is waiting to take the documents to who knows where, but disaster! Clouds of steam is coming from the front of the van! The Disgruntled Sons must find some water to get it going again…

    The scene.

    The Sons leave the van and start heading back towards a farm they just passed.

    Fear not dear reader, Britain may yet be saved, here comes Albions Own led by none other than Lord Loxley!

    But what’s this? Another band of armed warriors have entered the area and they look French! No doubt stout allies arrived to help Britain in its time of need.

    Van de Boer and Mr Singh leave Wee Jock, Cobber and Defenbaker to deal with the pesky French as they head around the back of the farm.

    But Lord Loxley and Will are heading the same way after sending Tuck with PC’s Smith and Jones to secure the front of the farm…

    A short firefight leaves Will wounded and out of action and a close call on Van de Boer forcing him to scramble over the farms hedge.
    Meanwhile the rest of the Sons and the French are pinned behind the walls but Defenbaker tries to brake the stalemate by bravely leaping in to attack the French!

    He’s fought back and Wee Jock goes down dropping the bag with the documents in! The French see their chance and race across the road firing as they go. But Defenbaker beats them to the bag and tries to hold them off.

    Back at the farm Van de Boer makes it across the hedge suprising Tuck and shoots at him grazing his head and making him fall to the floor.

    Lord Loxley makes it across the hedge and supported by PC Jones and a recovering Tuck give Van de Boer an chance to surrender.

    Van de Boer tries to make a break for it back over the hedge but fails, dusts himself down and raises his hands. Hurrah for Albions Own!

    The fight for the documents continues, Defenbaker goes down defending the bag and Wee Jock and Cobbers gun jams!

    Cobber goes down fighting hand to hand, the documents are safe, hurray! But what’s this? It can’t be! Those despicable French have run off with the secret documents!!!

    Why have our so called allies taken the documents? What will they do with them? Can Britain survive this disaster? Don’t miss the next thrilling episode of ‘Empires End?’!

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    What a great looking game !!!

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    Cheers for that, excellent post and a very clever idea.  Thanks for sharing keep up the good work.

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