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    Avatar photoRhoderic

    With the release of more Ikwen from Loud Ninja Games / Alternative Armies, I’m meaning to take my own Ikwen project off the back-burner again.

    I like the “official” Ikwen background story (“colonialised” low-tech natives fighting back against their hi-tech colonisers with guerilla tactics and mid-tech weapons sourced from a third party) and I also like the way Eli of Loud Ninja has framed the setting so that it’s up to the individual wargamer to define the opposing sophont race or civilisation.

    However, I never did settle on what range of 15mm sci-fi figures to use as the colonisers. My preference is not to use humans, but I want an alien race that’s very much like humanity in terms of psychology and style. In other words, no “bestial” aliens (these may appear as mercenaries, client-race auxiliaries or “international brigade” volunteers), and no inscrutable ancient martial artist types either. I just want some fairly undramatic, innocuous-looking guys who can nevertheless build their own interstellar empire and dominate less advanced races with a combination of armed force, technology and self-deceiving hypocrisy (“The Ikwen are better off under our care, honest!”). Maybe something like the Tau from 40K. The Critical Mass Ygs (now at Ral Partha Europe) would be perfect, but there’s far too few poses.

    Sourcing vehicles shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I just need suitable-looking alien infantry. Any suggestions?

    Avatar photoMike

    Sounds like you will need civilians and military types?


    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Well, military types will do. A few colonialist civilians would be a plus, but as there are no Ikwen civilian figures, and I wouldn’t really use civilians for anything other than “garnish” (I wouldn’t include military-on-civilian violence or insurgent-on-civilian violence in my games) I’m not really intending for non-combatants to be in the picture for now. If I did include civilians, I think Ikwen ones ought to be in the majority, so it all hinges on whether Eli intends to add any to the range.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Oh, and I realise it sounds a bit odd to ask for “innocuous-looking” military types. What I mean is, aliens that don’t look like a “warrior race” any more than humans would in a setting that has races like Vargr or Kzinti in it, but can nevertheless get on with the business of soldiering just as humans can. What I like about the Critical Mass / RPE Ygs is that they look kind of derpy, but like they aren’t hung up about it. That’s the mark of a true soldier 

    Avatar photoPrince Rhys

    How about the Krusties, the Kra’Vak or the Ixx from GZG?

    What about a robot/automaton force?

    Or the Prang army from the Ion Age?



    Avatar photoMike Headden

    The Prang were my first thought, Rhys.

    There are 100 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who can work from incomplete data

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    As it happens I have the Prang, and I even bought them to use with the Ikwen, but once I had both ranges to compare side-by-side, they turned out to be too different in sculpting style to be compatible by my standards. I don’t just mean different like different races in the same sci-fi setting, but like different settings rendered in different artistic styles. They look like different scales, too, mainly because of the sizes of the guns and other equipment (the Ikwen are more 15mm, the Prang more 18mm). I’ll still use the Prang with my Ion Age figures, but they won’t be sharing a setting with the Ikwen. Good thing I like gaming numerous sci-fi settings even in the same nominal scale.

    The Crusties might work if I stick to the ones in hostile environment suits (the naked ones don’t really make for enough of a contrast with the Ikwen, thematically). The Kra’Vak strike me as a “warrior race”, but I’ll keep contemplating them to see if I can get over my preconceptions of them. The Ixx look a bit too “wicked” for the role, although I do like the non-humanoid anatomy.

    I do intend for the colonialists to have robots and drones, but I still want some living grunts as well.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far!

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I’m partial to the Khurasan “Hauk” species – birdlike but relatively human in aspect.

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