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    There are SEVEN ESR Napoleonics games scheduled in the Historicon PEL!

    Three run by the author and four run by other gamers, check them out!

    You can see all the offerings on our conventions page, we really hope to see you in the game hall!

    ESR Games run by The Wargaming Company:

    • Thursday 2PM T-543, hosted by the author
    • Friday 2PM F-545, hosted by the author
    • Saturday 2PM S-549, hosted by the author

    There are also several ESR games run by others!

    • Friday 10AM F-583, hosted by the Saint Paul Irregulars
    • Friday 1PM F-471, hosted by Robert Kersteter
    • Saturday 10AM S-465, hosted by Mitch Abrams
    • Saturday 4PM S-143, hosted by Greg Robitaille

    You can also check out the charts (Quick Reference Guide), and an overview of the rules (The Overview), from the downloads page of our website.

    See you at Historicon!


    The Bandit

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    Good luck, it is so different over there!
    Is that George R R Martin in that game?
    Does not bode well for his side!




    No, that’s not the author of Game of Thrones but rather the designer and publisher of Revolution & Empire, you could also spot the designer of Legacy of Glory.


    The Bandit

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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