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    We ran a series of four games at Historicon this year using Et sans résultat! Second Edition. All of them were scenarios taken from Master of the World, 1812 in Russia. ESR can be run at any ground scale using any scale miniatures. This game was run at 1″ = 75 yards using 15mm figures.

    Our first game was Vitebsk, a rear guard action where the Russians held against the French pursuit.

    Our second game was Smolensk, where the Russian rear guard held off the French breach of the city.

    Our third game was Loubino, where again a Russian rear guard setup to cover the evacuation of Barclay de Tolly’s army eastward.

    The scenario begins as Ney and Murat advance against the Russian line supported by Nansouty’s cavalry corps. One of Davout’s divisions (Gudin) is also present and played a major roll in the fight. Historicon General Gudin was killed in this battle.

    The French did an excellent job, smashing two Russian corps, however, Nansouty’s cavalry was successfully boxed out by the Russian cavalry on the southern flank, and Ney was forced to counter-march his own light cavalry from his left to his right to exploit a gap, losing precious time. This two setbacks allowed the Russians to get their II Infantry Corps into a new defensive line and prevent the collapse from becoming a total loss.

    You can see more photos of the game in our Gallery under the title “Loubino, 1812 at Historicon 2016”.


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