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    This past weekend at HMGS-Great Lakes, there was a terrific looking ESR Napoleonics game run for the Waterloo campaign.

    June 1815 Historical Variant: Wellington and his entire staff oversleep after socializing all night with the Duchess. Now it is up to Blucher to save Brussels and keep his supply lines secure. Napoleon’s advance has been delayed, can Ney save the day and secure the critical crossroad for his Emperor?

    The Prussians deployed a massive grand battery to deny the French a lane of attack against their right wing’s center.

    But the assault of a French infantry division, supported by cuirassiers, dragoons, and divisional artillery, against their extreme flank, collapsed the Prussian right.

    With the Prussian center under significant threat as well, the Prussian position folded…

    And the answer was… YES. Ney secured the crossroads and the Emperor’s road to Brussels was clear!

    Terrific looking shirts guys 😉 Glad everyone had fun!

    Great thanks to Brett B. for organizing and running the game, Jamie for assisting him, and both Brett and Michael W. for providing photos!


    The Bandit


    That is a pretty looking game. Eye candy for sure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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