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    By popular demand, The Wargaming Company ran six games of ESR Napoleonics at AdeptiCon 2019.

    What a convention!

    The convention opened with a French victory as Vandamme patiently coordinated his entire corps against an isolated portion of Hohenlohe’s.

    Playing out almost exactly opposite from the previous battle, the second engagement featured Vandamme tepidly committing a single division while Hohenlohe brought in both Ulm and Lindeneau against it and the French suffered a clear setback.

    As if determined to break the tie, Lannes took it upon himself to determine the outcome of our third engagement by executing a near perfect assault against Ulm’s infantry division, destroying it in detail and compelling the Austrians to setup a rear guard and withdraw.

    The French gain another win in the fourth game when Hohenlohe fails to concentrate his korps before being struck en force by Lannes.

    Our fifth game reversed course, perhaps too pumped up from hearing the French were on the verge of a winning streak, Lannes pushed forward alone while Hiller and Hohenlohe jumped on the opportunity to double down against him, nearly wiping him off the table.

    Not left to be undone, in the final game of the convention, Hiller went off and got himself into just as much trouble as Lannes had in the previous engagement.

    You can check out all the after action reports in our Gallery.


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