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    ‘Etiquette’ surrounding the wearing of the poppy…
    I mentioned to friends that I had once read that there was an old ‘etiquette’ surrounding the wearing of the poppy. It stated you should wear a poppy from November 1st to Remembrance Day on November the 11th. My pals said that was rubbish as BBC TV presenters were already wearing them!
    Anyone else ever heard of the ‘etiquette’, or have I dreamt it?

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    The Royal British Legion say if you want to wear a poppy, you can wear it any time you like. It’s a personal choice, so do what you think is appropriate. I’ve seen some trying to prescribe when to wear it, but that’s not the official line.

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    You are correct, 1st to the 11th of November.  That was how it was and people observed it.



    Back in the olden days when I was a lad, yes, 1st November until 11th November. Nowadays people seem to start wearing them in September.

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    I wear mine from the moment I buy it to the moment it falls off my coat and gets lost. Repeat process until COP 11/11.

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    When I was in the Royal Navy we used to wear poppies from the first of November as per the uniform regulations in BR3 (1), these are the Royal Navy regulations taken from BR3(1)

    aa. Poppies. Poppies may be worn to commemorate the National period of
    Remembrance from the time they become available until the day after Remembrance
    (Armistice) Day. Only official Royal British Legion poppies are to be worn in uniform.
    Poppies are not worn by those on parade at the National Cenotaph Parade in London.

    I am am sure the Army and RAF will have similar BR’s and wording.


    I think the Royal British Legion has started selling them earlier over the past decade or so to increase sales.


    Hope this helps.

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