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    Just Jack


    And here’s the last installment (so far, at least) of my Eureka Miniatures 15mm forces, the Chechens. Like the Eureka Aussies and Russians, they will also see service in my campaign in Cronistria, as either Cronistrian Democratic Militia (good guys) or Cronistrian People’s Army (bad guys), or both.

    Once again the sculpts are clean and crisp with just a tiny bit of flash. But in my haste that tiny bit of flash caused me a little trouble and I lost two AK barrels. But they’ll still work, and I just need to be more careful in the future. As I mentioned previously, I’ll definitely be placing future orders with Eureka Minis USA: I plan on someday doing an exact copy of this purchase (Aussies, Russians, and Chechens) then painting them up in winter colors, and I also just bought a bunch of Peter Pig WWII US Marines, and I’m going to place an order (in the next week or two) for some Eureka Japanese, which look great and should fit perfectly with the Peter Pig troops.

    The whole force: a one-man leader pack, a two-man sniper pack, a two-man RPG pack, a four-man PKM pack, and two of the 6-man riflemen packs. Done up on desert-sand looking bases with some grass; not sure exactly why I painted the dirt desert sand, but it will work. I painted the force up in a mix of military and civilian clothing/gear; each guy is wearing either a Russian camo-uniform blouse or set of trousers, then a civilian shirt/jacket or pants, along with civilian headgear of some sort.

    On a side note, I hate painting irregulars and special forces, anything where the gear and clothing is not uniform. It’s so much easier to just line them up and assembly line paint. But I’m happy with how they turned out. To see all the poses, please check the blog at:

    I like the whole force, and can’t wait to get them on the table. I need to fight some more 20mm battles in Cronistria, then the war will switch to 15mm. As part of this, I’m also waiting for some awesome stuff I ordered for my birthday; it will ship this Saturday, should have it next week sometime. This evening I got home from work a bit early so I put the finishing touches on some ‘old’ QRF US infantry in desert gear, and a Battlefront US Mech Plt in woodland camo. I’ll get them photographed and posted here as soon as possible.

    Thanks for looking and, as always, comments are welcome!



    Happy Birthday Just Jack !!!!!! Great looking figures and paint jobs !!!!

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