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    Avatar photoAnonymous

    These are items I wish were available in the future or plan to buy in Fall 2016 through the middle of 2019 monthly (with 18 “TBD” spaces.)

    In 15mm/18mm:

    Darkest Star Ventauran squad and command – on buy list for something September or early October.  Completes my TO&E for them!

    Ebay Reaper 15mm Dwarf spear/pike – on buy list early October or January 2017

    Wild wish fullment – 15mm/18mm Presidials,  15mm/18mm Zorro character, 15mm/18mm Soldados de Cuera, 15mm/18mm Mission convertos/Pueblos/Apache/Commanches/Zunis/yada-yada-yada Warriors with traditional weapons, 15mm/18mm peons and villagers.


    6mm fantasy – small order from Baccus to replace lost figures, possibly expansion of Dwarf/Elf and/or Goblin forces

    6mm SF – Actually completely collected, needs painting.

    in 25mm:

    2016/2017 Buy list and in production as Real Life allows

    classicminiatures.net – dwarf unit fillers

    classicminiatures.net – Lesser Goblins/Orcs unit completion, unit fillers

    classicminiatures.net – Wood Elf warband * and figures *

    classic miniatures.net     1042 Der Kriegspieler Dwarf with 2 handed Battle Axe status: new mold believed to be on list of overworked mold maker.

    Ral Partha Wizards, Warriors, and Warlocks E211 Elf with Bow – warband *

    Ral Partha Wizards, Warriors, and Warlocks E212 Elf with spear receiving – warband*

    Ral Partha Wizards, Warriors, and Warlocks E213 Elf with spear in reserve – warband *

    Ral Partha Wizards, Warriors, and Warlocks E214 Elf with sword and shield – warband *

    The “*” means two or more mixed manufacturers in force.

    Unit fillers means 1 to 5 figures.

    Unit completion means 10 to <20 figures.b

    What’s on your Plan?  Do you have one?  I needed one a long time or than I wouldn’t have needed to give away/sell/throwaway all those 1,000 plus figures this summer.

    Avatar photoThuseld

    I don’t have a wishlist as long as yours, nor have I planned it so well. But here is what is going on.

    1. We have been looking at our finances and there are many purchases labelled “paypal” that are mine. My intention is to take a couple of months off from buying miniatures to keep my wife happy. I have enough to keep me going…

    2. My brother is visiting from the USA in December, so it looks like a good opportunity to avoid customs and lower my shipping costs. The GBP also seems to be bouncing back a little, which is good.

    3. I have been looking recently at 6mm WW2 and also space fleet combat rules and miniatures.

    So my plan is to lay low for September through November. Beginning of December I intend to make a smallish order from the CinC Solar Empire Marines range. OR I might get some GHQ WW2 miniatures, some Germans, Americans and a few tanks each.

    I will receive Christmas money and I think that will go on purchasing a couple of fleets of space craft.

    I also want to make an order from Vanguard Miniatures because their miniatures are beautiful over there.

    In a perfect world, I would be able to mix and match the miniatures I buy, so I can get a handful from various different factions. This will be most useful for Starport Scum, which is my campaign system.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Some of these purchases I’ll have to pass up on as I really can’t afford the whole list:

    Buy: More terrain materials (I’ve started hoarding these), mainly more of those plastic architectural model-makers’ plants coming out of China. New varieties of plants seem to have hit the market since I last stocked up.

    Buy: Shipping containers and other stuff from LaserCutCard.

    Buy: Pipes, pumping stations, etc from Ainsty and Mantic.

    Buy: 3mm horse and musket era historicals, either Magister Militum tricorne era figures (in which case I’d decide whether to commit to the WSS, GNW, WAS or SYW once I buy them) or Oddzial Osmy Napoleonics. Been wanting to take this plunge for a long time.

    Buy: Various figures for a smallish 6mm sword-and-planet setting, mainly from the Dark Realm, Exodus Wars, Microworld sci-fi, Onslaught and Angel Barracks (wildlife) ranges.

    Buy: More 6mm sci-fi stuff for proper sci-fi this time. Maybe start with Angel Barracks. I even have a little bit of a hankering to do the whole Kometenmelodie thing as per AB’s background story.

    Buy: More 15mm sci-fi, if I can only decide which of 10+ manufacturers I want to order from first.

    Buy: Beyond the Gates of Antares Isorians and Freeborn. At least a few to begin with, including the Isorian Phase Sniper, Tsan Ra Phase Squad and Drone Command Unit, and a Freeborn Domari Squad. (Ah, hell, that’s too much already – £70 worth.)

    Buy: A few TAG modern Afghans, for an extremely over-ambitious conversion project (which is bound to fail) to turn them into a sci-fi (non-Afghan) “ethnic mafia” for my gang wars project.

    Wait to receive: Halflings, Ogres, Mongol-style Goblins etc from the Westfalia Halfmen Army Kickstarter.

    Do: Convert (when needed) and paint some figures for my sci-fi gang wars project that’s inspired by Judge Dredd and Necromunda. I have some 10(!) gangs/factions planned and would like to finish at least one test figure for each so as to make the project “real”.

    Do: Start painting some of the Ion Age figures I just recently ordered.

    Do: Finish the scratchbuilt desert outcrops and cliffs that I’ve been working on for what seems like forever, they’re taking about 10 times as long as I thought they would.

    Do: Make one new set of terrain boards (from a list I’ve written up of different environments/milieus I’d like to model sooner or later) with a few bits of accompanying terrain. I’m leaning toward a grassy/shrubby red-brown-purplish board with specks of other colours to mainly represent tundra (an environment that I don’t recall having ever yet seen represented in miniature wargames) but also heathlands, alien biomes (Kometenmelodie? A sword-and-planet Mars-like environment?) and fantasy swamps. But I’ll need to experiment a bit with textures and colours first.

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Buy: More 6mm sci-fi stuff for proper sci-fi this time. Maybe start with Angel Barracks. I even have a little bit of a hankering to do the whole Kometenmelodie thing as per AB’s background story.


    I love you.


    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Buy: More 6mm sci-fi stuff for proper sci-fi this time. Maybe start with Angel Barracks. I even have a little bit of a hankering to do the whole Kometenmelodie thing as per AB’s background story.

    I love you. 🙂

    Gee, I’m… very appreciative of you, too 

    Avatar photoMike Headden

    Wants: 6mm Middle Eastern Early Bronze Age figures (Amorite, Gutian/ Lullubi, Elamite, Old Kingdom Egyptian, Mellukkan and Eblaites for starters)

    Equally likely to appear: Hen’s teeth 🙂

    To Do List: Make any sort of dent in the lead mountain!

    There are 100 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who can work from incomplete data

    Avatar photoPatG

    I need a non-Tiger in 20mm and that’s about it.

    I am pondering picking up some Riel Rebellion figures in 25mm.

    To Do: make terrain and game more.

    Avatar photoVictoria Dickson

    Wish List: 15mm Aztecs and Incas, a few more Conquistadors

    To Do List: Finish at least one period for my Cuties, learn how to stick to one thing instead of jumping from project to project

    Avatar photozippyfusenet

    The only thing I really need is to restock the little rare earth magnets that I use to mount my 1/300 airplanes. I just ordered 14 packs of steel figure bases from Wargame Accessories. Since retiring last year I’ve made so much progress on my backlog that I’ve run low on some staples. I buy Dullcote and strip magnets every time Michael’s emails me another coupon, so I haven’t run out of those, and a computer tech pal just laid on me another dozen of the sturdy corrugated component boxes that I magnetize for figure storage. I installed another set of shelves in the garage. Life is sweet, and I have years more work ahead of me, if I never buy another figure.

    However, I expect to attend the Advance The Colors and Fall In conventions over the next couple of months, and will browse those flea markets, whether I need to or not. I came home from Nashcon this spring with a carload, including about 6 feet of 15mm cast resin river pieces that I’m just finishing, 28mm ACW and a British Napoleonic landing barge with crew that I’m still working out how to fit all the pieces together.

    Glenn, why are you so set on doing your Old West modeling in 15mm scale? Most everything you pine for is available in 25/28mm. Hey, y’know, I have a box full of old Reviresco Zorro figures…they’re some of the tiniest ’25mm’ figures I’ve ever seen, I’ll bet they’d mix with Blue Moon 18mm. Waddaya think? Ya want a 1/72 cardboard Dover cut-n-paste Pueblo model? Should fit okay with 15mm figures. I’ve given up on 1/72 Americana and I’ll mail the book to you just to get rid of it. Talk to me.

    Victoria, it’s too bad you’re in the UK and I’m in the US. I have an entire 15mm WRG Inca army to dispose of, a couple hundred figures, 2nd gen Minifigs, all painted to a high standard. Got a general on a litter, a mummy on a litter, packs of dogs…all the trimmings. That army came to me in one of my trades, and I’m selling it on because I do my Conquistadoring in 28mm. Not practical to mail it trans-Atlantic, though, it weighs a ton.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    The “Olde West ” I do covers about 1680 – 1770.

    Edit:  in extreme cases I push it to 1840.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I use rhe Reviresco Zorro as a teenaged wannabe.


    Avatar photoAnonymous

    other than above, no 25/28mm figures ever again.


    And if I was not 90%+ done with my current armies I would give them away.


    I want to reduce space for a post-retirement apartment.

    Avatar photozippyfusenet

    A teenage Zorro wannabe. Yep, Zorro definitely needs a kid sidekick. Call him Cachorro or sumpin. Riding on a pony:

    I’m ridin’ a small tiny hoss
    (His name is MIGHTY LITTLE)
    He’s a good hoss
    Even though
    He’s a bit dinky to strap a big saddle or
    Blanket on anyway
    He’s a bit dinky to strap a big saddle or
    Blanket on anyway
    Any way

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

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