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    Angel Barracks

    Packaging that is?
    When I started I considered nice little blister packs with printed labels, but I settled for gripseal bags with printed labels.
    Then I quickly decided it was not worth the extra cost and just sent orders out wrapped up in a plain gripseal bag.

    Are you happy to pay a bit more to get your stuff in a fancy pants packet, or is a simple gripseal bag which is a bit cheaper your thing?

    Not Connard Sage

    I’m old school. Fancy packaging doesn’t thrill me at all.

    15mm Minifigs in a plastic bag stapled to a cardboard header worked for me back in the day 🙂

    Baccus in a ziplock baggie? Perfectly fine.

    Front Rank come bubble-wrapped in a cardboard box. Or in a padded jiffy bag if it’s a small order. That’s OK too.


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    John D Salt

    I’m with Connard. What are you going to do with the packaging, after all? Tear it off, and throw it away.

    All the best,



    As little packaging as possible. Why spend money on something I am just going to throw away? Minimal packaging is also better for the environment.

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    Online order: doesn’t matter. Also I have to keep binning so many of those little plastic bags it’s kinda crazy.

    At a show? Nice label at least makes it look more attractive so I’d bet there’s a minor bonus in attention gathering and product presentation to be had then.


    For mail order then baggies are best, even with just a written stock code on…..for shows, nice packaging or at least clearly labelled products should be the way to go………..the wrapping doesn’t tempt me to buy the product it’s the product itself!

    In the old mail order days I would often send a packet of used ziplocks with my order……..now they just accumulate until I have a clear out!

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    Must confess I did like the old Minifigs boxes. Not that long ago I bought several pots of paint from  Foundry. Must have been  as they were moving as the pots were posted in one of their Regiment boxes. Great box, just big enough for all my ‘spares’. But if i had placed a large order and it all arrived in those boxes i might have thought it wasteful. On the other hand at least the boxes could be recycled; in these parts plastic bags are not included in the list of things that can be recycled.


    So, the usual griplock bags are less packaging, and the printed boxes most probably more expensive (which must factor into the cost to me).

    My figures are all old tiny 15mm figures  – so i buy from Naismith and Minifigs. Naismith have (or had) a card label stapled over the top, Minifigs come bagged with the code written on the bag. I’m happy with both.

    Mr. Average

    Oddzial Osmy seems to strike a middle ground – ziplocks stapled to a printed card backer. Might be a cost-effective alternative if you want a bit more visual appeal for shows and the like.


    Gripseal bag, preferably with a small label of some kind telling me which set of miniatures or vehicles it is.

    Darryl Smith

    While fancy packaging is visually appealing, I would rather have a slightly reduced cost for my figures by having the manufacturer spend less on packaging, plus the waste factor from fancy packaging should be a consideration. Baggies with printed labels are good enough.

    Buckeye Six Actual

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