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    Angel Barracks

    When Erland and Eydis are finished and cast, I am going to re-chronicle the original games played in CROM! using my own rules.
    I will stick to the same scenarios as it introduces the main 2 heroes and ties them together and introduces the 3 main settings, Simurgh, Utuseb and the Open Steppe.
    Then there will be just a series of one off unrelated games held together only by the setting, there will be no long story arc.

    What are your plans or have you any at all?


    What are your plans or have you any at all?

    Wow!  I was just about to start a thread about my plans … spooky!  

    Having made the huts for my Picts, I’ve finally painted them (the Picts that is) – all they need now is dip, basing and then varnish

    Started the Hyrkanians, then the Copplestone Barbarians, then the main protagonists, civilians & assorted other baddies – I think I may have got carried away with the number of figures …    no change there really!

    I intend to run it as a linked story, but really not sure as to which rules. I do have a couple of names, though …
    The Halls of Our Fathers
    The Witches’ War
    The Men of the Grey

    Not sure which to use …

    Of course, I’ve started reading Hammer’s Slammers, it might all get shelved for 6mm SF! </p>

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    Fincas Khalmoril

    Well, I have plans for several scenarios. First of all I want to bring my Copplestone collection to battle, but I also have quite a few Demonworld minis painted which scream “Eternal Champion” to me. Then, and you probably aren’t surprised, I’d like to modify the rules a little to add firearms and play Solomon Kane scenarios on the Dark Continent!

    Gone Fishing

    That sounds interesting, AB. Do you plan to post move-by-move, roll-by-roll reports as with CROM!? I know those were a labour of love, but they were fascinating to read. As for myself, I’m currently in the gaming doldrums, so no plans at the moment. I go through these sometimes.

    Angel Barracks

    Yes, I will.
    For the first few at least, as time goes by and the rules are familiar to those that have purchased them or read the reports I will phase out the mechanics write ups until some new mechanics are used.
    So the first few games are just combat and moving, by the time archery comes into the games I will be less inclined to talk through the basics, as they will have been covered.

    Poop on the awol mojo.

    Darkest Star Games

    I have plans to use the rules for more of a very-low fantasy thing, not really Conan but maybe inspired by it.  Sort of a Nordic thing, but not really.  It will all have to wait for a bit though, other things taking precedence at the moment.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    I’m waiting for some 10mm Coppelstone knights and some militia men.  I would like to order some fantasy buildings as well.

    I still have to gametest a sorcerer and some skeletons!


    What are your plans or have you any at all?

    Well…..yeah sort of. I’m still messing about with my SF at the moment. But I do have something in mind for afterwards. Given the fact I don’t own any fantasy stuff at all. I have somewhat of a blank canvas to work from.

    First…..I look at what inspires me. Game of Thrones, LoTR, Greek Mythology, 90’s computer game moonstone: Hard Days Knight. Etc…..

    Second…..research what minitures are on the market that I like and fit in with the above.

    Third…..think about the scenery and putting together some rules of some description.

    Fourth…..mash it all together and hopefully end up with something that resembles a game.

    This will certainly start of having a long story arc. Since I’m a while off starting all this. I’m not sure whether any further games will be related to this or not. Working on the assumption I even get to this point.

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