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    Avatar photoNic Wright

    One of my projects over the past year or so has been to knock my long-time-on-the-back-burner chariot racing rules into publishable shape. The result, is Faustus Furius, a fast and furious, tongue in cheek table-top racing game based very loosely around the chariot races of the ancient world and adaptable to any racing situation. It’s earlier WIP name was Bread and Circuses, but we went with Faustus Furius in the end to reflect its fun, bouncy nature… A few sample pages can be found on the link above, but in short, chariots of any culture or period can be raced, with each model assigned to one of seven ‘classes’. The classes each have a positive and a negative, and no one chariot type has proven itself superior.

    The game is designed for 2+ players and we have found that the more players, the more fun a game becomes and the skulduggery of human nature rises to the challenge of sideswiping your mates. In my opinion, the very best games have been those with 6-8 players.

    I have been testing mostly with 6mm chariots, but the rules are scale agnostic and I have enjoyed games in 28mm and seen games played using both 15 mm and 20mm chariots. Below are a couple of short race reports to give a little flavour of the game.

    The hare and the tortoise

    Keeping the mob entertained…

    Battleshed Diaries – Faustus Furius

    Battleshed Diaries – Ramming Speed with a Chariot!?



    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    The result, is Faustus Furius


    That made me chuckle.

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    really like the look of this, I tried putting some non-serious rules together of my own but never got that far, still have the rapier chariots painted in team colours ready to go, so I will be keeping an eager eye on this project

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Avatar photoNic Wright

    Thank’s Northern Monkey. The rules are just about set, and we have put together two pages of guidelines for playing more historical ‘Roman circus only’ games, or to use the rules for fantasy or dystopian future games.


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