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    We love all our armies of course, but having set up the old Roman Civil War rivals for a look last night, I have to say this matched pair is the one in my collection I’m most fond of.

    The legionaries are mainly Old Glory 15s, with Isarus, Donnington and a handful of others I don’t know the make of for variety and colour. Command figures are from QRF, and light troops and cavalry are Xyston, Old Glory, Strategia Nova and Donnington. The bulk of the legionaries were bought cheaply and very roughly painted from a chap in the US. They have been added to (including some that were a gift from Simon Miller), [mostly] repainted, and had a bespoke basing scheme devised just for them. So far they’ve re-fought Munda, Pharsalus and Philippi.

    I guess the fact that there’s variety in the figures, that I love the era, and that after a lot of work they were made into a matched pair is why I like ’em so.

    How about for you? What’s your favourite army (or matched pair), and how come?

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    My Mongol Conquest  , followed by my Carthaginian both in 15mm.


    Hellenistic with elephants.


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    Avatar photoRod Robertson


    As a paired set my favourite armies are my Later Assyrian Empire and my Elamite armies. The variety of chariots, kalapani carts, cavalry, heavy infantry, bowmen, LHI, LMI, LI of all sorts and mobs of levees make the armies quite exotic by usual gaming standards. The Elamites are a brittle army which loses more often than not but looks great arrayed on the table.

    A close second is my New Kingdom Egyptian, Hittite Empire and Middle Assyrian Empire triumvirate, any two armies of which look great squared off against each other on the table top.

    My favourite single army to look at on the table is my Early Imperial Roman army.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.

    Avatar photoMcKinstry

    My 6mm Sassanids and my growing 6mm Late Roman Army.

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    Avatar photowillb

    My favorite matched pair would be the armies at Asculum.  The regimented ranks of the Romans versus the phalanx of Greeks along with their Italian allies.  My favorite army would probably be early Byzantine.Pyrrhus on the left, Romans on the right

    Avatar photoMartinR

    My 20mm Republican Romans. Look great and they can fight anyone.

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    Avatar photoRob young

    Always Achaemenid Persian. At the moment I’m trying to put some armies together as DBA armies, so my favourites are going to be the most recent. This would be my ‘S’ Range Medes.


    Rob Young

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    I have a 15mm Sassanian Persian army I bought back in 1996.  Beautifully painted and one of my favourite civilisations as well.

    I used them for quite a few battles on the blog but not really sure of a good picture.  Here is one from the early days of the blog.  It is not a great resolution, but it shows three cavalry bases.


    As a matched pair, it is the above Vs the late imperial Romans, my first 15mm army from 1994.  Not a great paintjob, but they get a lot of use.

    It is another army from the 90’s that comes third – Classicial Indians.  I have only got back into ancients in the last 7 years or so and have a lot more armies, but none are favourites, although these are growing on me – Late Assyrian, Early Byzantine and Early Syrian/Canaanite.

    Avatar photoSane Max

    My Sassanids really make me happy too. I have always hated painting horses, hated it. So when I was finally able to survey 30 units of painted Horse Archers, 8 units of Cataphracts* and 2 of Camelphracts**, together with assorted spearmen and archers, I felt so full of joy that they have always held a warm spot in my heart.

    Plus they have elephants, and Lurkio Elephants really are gorgeous.

    It’s a shame I can’t paint better, but in 15mm who really cares?

    * Cataphracts….. they just make a Pingequephobe very happy. Drybrush silver/Drybrush Silver/Inkwash/ Highlight Silver, paint anything not metal, paint horses legs brown…. done..

    ** Camelphracts! Even better than Cataphracts ‘cos they are not horses!

    Avatar photoRob young

    Talking about camels, I just like to get silly sometimes:


    Must work out how to include pictures in the text…


    Rob Young

    Avatar photoRob young


    Got it… I think

    Rob Young

    Avatar photoMike

    Got it… I think

    You have!!


    Favourites are my Greek Hoplite and Crusader armies, both in 15mm, never mind playing with ’em… sometimes I just parade ’em to drool over!

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    Avatar photoRob young

    Drooling is good. I do it all the time. Although… thinking about it… ALL the time is probably not godd…

    Rob Young

    Avatar photoJames Manto

    Late Republican Romans with an exotic array of auxiliaries (Spanish, Gallic, Numidian etc) are a nice matching pair. It’s what I always recommend to novice ancient gamers.

    Also occasionally get tempted to do middle Empire Romans and Sassanids with A&A figures. Someday the temptation will strike at the same time that I have the money for a new project.

    Avatar photoMike Headden

    My 6mm Middle Eastern Early Bronze Age armies – mainly Rapier and Baccus minis with a few odds and sods thrown in from other manufacturers, especially for shipping and siege stuff.

    Sumerians, Old Kingdom Egyptians, Desert Nomads, Hill Tribes, Melukkhans and Elamites … so far.

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    Avatar photoRod Robertson

    Elamites Rock! Schwing! (Loud air-guitar riff here).

    Oh, please excuse my outburst. Sometimes I’m just not in control.

    Cheers and good Bronze Age gaming.

    Rod Robertson.

    Avatar photoA Lot of Gaul

    My favorites are a matched pair of Caesarian Late Republican Romans and Early German Suebi led by Ariovistus. Both are comprised of 18mm figures, 90% by Blue Moon plus 10% Xyston foot skirmishers, and recently rebased for Swordpoint.

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    Avatar photoNic Wright

    My 6mm Seleukid’s for sure!

    Pikemen, elephants, chariots, camels, colourful national contingents, lots of heavy cavalry – what’s not to like! 



    Nice variety here, both in armies and in scales. Cheers, and am enjoying the comments and pictures!

    Avatar photoVolunteer

    My favorites are my 28MM Gauls and Carthaginians



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    Seleucids, esp. when playing mid-republican Romans.

    Avatar photoCameronian

    Alexander’s Macedonian and Imperial.

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    Avatar photoRuarigh

    My 6mm Vikings. It used to be my 15mm Vikings, but I downsized. I guess my work is also my hobby and my main enthusiasm.

    Some pics here: https://ooh-shiny-complex.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/january-project-success.html

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    Avatar photoPhil Sherlock

    My Lydians and Early Persians, with all the toys, mobile towers, camels etc


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    Avatar photoAltius

    My current favorite army is my 28mm Late Roman (western), but this might change once my hun army is finished. We’ll see.

    A couple of close contenders would be my NK Egyptian army and my Sea Peoples army, both also in 28mm.

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    Avatar photoOB

    I’ve not got a favourite one but I really like these 15mm Donnington Sassanids.




    Avatar photodurecellrabbit

    I’ve just started getting into ancients so my favourite army is also my first army, Sassanid Persia.

    Avatar photoUsagitsuki

    Macedonian Successor. It’s hard to beat the visual impact of massed pikes, and Xyston figures are fantastic. Love the army even though those pikes draw blood virtually every time I use them.

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    That is absolutely stunning!

    I love pikes.

    Don’t know why, I usually lose with them, but I still love them.

    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    my growing 6mm Late Roman Army.

    How long until they are 7mm?  

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    The Hittite Empire:


    I think the Bronze Age has a great appeal: who couldn’t love chariots?


    The core of the army comes from ‘Great Hatti’ but there are contingents from the Shasu, Sea Peoples, Mitanni.


    This means the basing is a bit schizoid: both desert & more temperate. They fight both my NKE army (& usually win) & my Mycenaean army (& mostly lose).


    The controversial Shasu scouts are mounted.

    I believe their great enemies, the Egyptians, nicknamed the Hittites the “girly-boys” in reference to their long locks. Not very PC but it is a label they wear with pride as they drive over hordes of Egyptian archers.




    Avatar photoDeleted User


    Avatar photozippyfusenet

    Great looking game, Ochoin. What rules are you using, and what are the colored markers for?

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Avatar photoAutodidact-O-Saurus

    That is indeed a good looking game. Is the ground cloth a home made or bought item? It looks nice and arid.

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    Avatar photoDeleted User

    Great looking game, Ochoin. What rules are you using, and what are the colored markers for?

    Field of Glory.

    That is indeed a good looking game. Is the ground cloth a home made or bought item? It looks nice and arid.

    We make nearly all our own stuff. The cloth is canvas.



    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Great job on the drop cloth.


    That’s inspiring stuff, folks!

    Avatar photoIanKH

    My Hoplites. I have enough to deploy an Athenian and Spartan army. Or just one huge phalanx.
    But I’m currently doing Macedonian Successors and I think they might take the top ranking.

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