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    Avatar photoMike

    Which companies do you like dealing with?

    What sets them apart for you.
    I don’t really mean things like, Oh Bob sends my stuff and he always puts right errors.

    More things like Irregular Miniatures who are known for very fast, often same day dispatch.
    Or John who will always answer e-mails and alter packs to allow you to get just that one figure from a ten figure blister.
    Or that Ivan fellow as he really likes to engage with his customers and be a gamer too.

    That kind of stuff.

    Avatar photoShandy

    I’ve been happy with most, if not all the companies I’ve been dealing with (I honestly can’t recall one incident were I felt cheated – if mistakes have been made, they have been rectified in an instance).

    However, I want to give a special shout out to Dave Ryan of Caliver Books. I’m starting a new project and ordered a number of Minifigs packs. Being a chaotic person, my research was not finished when I placed the order, so I pestered him several times with additions, changes and questions about particular figures. He was always patient and friendly and helped me find out which figures would fit my obscure demands. Great service!

    So I guess what sets Minifigs apart is the communication – answering emails, showing an interest in the customers project and an understanding for special demands.

    Avatar photoNick the Lemming

    For figures, Leon and the gang at Pendraken, who are always awesome; Pete at Baccus who goes beyond what’s expected to get you your figures no matter what configuration you want; Andy and Wendy at Forged in Battle, particularly for their War and Empire kickstarter – great communication, help with arranging shipping requests, and all round wonderful people; Bill at Cracker Line minis / Good Ground who’s a top bloke who always has time to chat about what he’s working on, and is really enthusiastic about the period he works on. I’m probably forgetting someone from that list, and will be horrified when I realise I’m missing them out.


    For other stuff, Sam Mustafa for rules – never a wrong ‘un, omnipresent on his forum to offer help and advice and explain his design decisions; Mick at Leven Miniatures – some great buildings at 6mm, and always willing to listen to suggestions; Mark at Polkovnik for Sword and Spear – another one happy to chat about his rules till the cows come home and willing to listen to suggestions for army lists etc.

    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Front Rank. East Riding Miniatures. Spirit Games.

    Splendid chaps all


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    Avatar photoNorm S

    It’s very difficult to call a favourite – I suppose the inverse response would be that I have not really dealt with anyone I didn’t like – certainly nobody that I would refuse to support in the future with my cash.

    But at the top of my list, I would have to put both Kallistra and Pendraken, probably because I deal with them the most often. But I like the family nature of the business and the sense that they give that they really care about their product and the wargaming community in general and they are also very nice people.

    I don’t want to start putting people in order but I think it is worth mentioning the Perry’s for what they did to the plastic market, as this brought 28mm it a lot of people and to Will at the Plastic Soldier Company, simply for his industry, innovation and having a go. They need to be on the list because my model shop would be poorer without them.

    Avatar photorepiqueone

    Nick at EBOR figures.  Great figures and service.  Alex at Front Rank is also superb in both regards.  Stuart at Maverick Flags is very fast in fulfillment, good product, excellent communications.  Dennis at On Military Matters is first rate in all regards.  I must also give a shout out to Fernando’s painting service in Sri Lanka.  I’ve been dealing with them for years and have never been disappointed.

    I am also impressed with Total Battle resin structures.  Very nicely done, and, again, their service is quick and efficient.

    The Internet has allowed many companies to provide excellent communications and very fast fulfillment.  I find almost all of the providers I have used deserve nothing but praise.

    Avatar photoEdzard

    Even though I always bought my Flames of War stuff from local retailers or Maelstrom Games (remember them?) the mother company Battlefront always seemed to have a good business ethics, replacing items without quibble and listening to their customers on what to release.
    I imagine lead time is increadibly long for a company that ships that many tiny tin soldiers on a daily basis, so releases are quite slow. But compared to their mainstream competitor Games Workshop they do a great job.

    All the smaller companies I’ve dealt with are also great, but let’s be honest they have to be in order to survive.. Maybe the miniatures business isn’t as cut throat as many others, but gamers are quite picky and very vocal, so I imagine it being a tricky business to be in.

    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Stuart at Maverick Flags is very fast in fulfillment, good product, excellent communications.


    I forgot Maverick!


    Sorry Stuart

    Obvious contrarian and passive aggressive old prat, who is taken far too seriously by some and not seriously enough by others.

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    Jon Tuffley at GZG tops my list. He cast up a custom TO&E for Dirtside at reasonable cost, off-catalogue, mind you, and turned it around in two weeks including transatlantic shipping. It was astonishing.

    Kallistra is also high on my list – full set of terrain in a week and a half.

    Avatar photowillz

    Its hard to say which one is my favorite, as with most wag-gamers it depends on what figures I am buying.  They all give good service and are efficient, helpful, friendly.

    Avatar photoRules Junkie Jim

    In all my years ordering figures, tanks and ships from dozens of manufacturers and suppliers I’m glad to say I’ve never encountered a wrong ‘un.

    But East Riding Miniatures, Scotia Grendel, Tumbling Dice and Irregular Miniatures spring to mind recently. I should also mention Heroics and Ros; Andy’s very helpful and I’ve started to dream about their new releases (the dream ones were fantastic)

    Also, it’s nice to have Ivan Sorensen so engaged on these boards. His Fivecore rules are fantastic.

    Avatar photoA Lot of Gaul

    My favorites are:

    John Stallard, Paul Sawyer, and Rick Priestley at Warlord Games;

    Russ and Connie Dunaway, and Teresa Gregory at Blue Moon Manufacturing/Old Glory 25s;

    Leon at Minibits/Pendraken Miniatures.

    In addition to providing outstanding products in a very timely manner, each of the above has been incredibly friendly and helpful in all of my dealings with them.


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    Avatar photoMr. Average

    Silly of me to omit Oddział Osmy and their US distributors Picoarmor.com. For my money the best and most comprehensive, and continually expanding, 3mm scale line.


    Figures – Most I deal with are pretty good – 15mm.co.uk, Pendraken, Hinds, Baccus etc etc – never have a problems. My favorite is 15mm.co.uk as they have what I need in multiple scales and periods, they are open to feedback (and ask about new sculpts and such).

    Rules –  I like it if there is a support area for rules and Ivan, Sam and others are pretty good at answering questions.





    Avatar photoEtranger

    Gee, it’s a long list for me too. If I had to single out anyone, then Nic Robson at Eureka, Jon at Khurasan & Geoff at QRF are probably the standouts  (& get an awful lot of my custom) but there are a lot of really good companies out there, including your good self at AB, Michael. A much shorter list for me would be the duds, as off hand I haven’t found any!

    Avatar photoBrigadier General

    The Johns at Picoarmor.com

    formerly known as "wargamer1972"

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    You guys are too kind 🙂

    I have never really had a bad experience with anybody but companies that are quick to respond and will answer strange questions always gets kudos from me.
    I will add that sending a personalized email confirmation when my order ships out, ala Picoarmor is wonderful.

    Avatar photopaintpig

    I could well bust a forum rule here

    Repique cited Ebor and I have to agree Nic is  great guy to deal with and the wss figures are pretty damn good in my opinion.

    Teresa at OG in the US is a bit of a legend, she seems to get on top of things quickly if you have a problem and stays there, always deals with emails promptly. Worth her weight in cocky shit (that is a compliment in our part of the world).

    I really liked dealing with Frank of Minden fame.. he was a grouchy ol’ sod at times, same as me so I just gelled. I hope he is doing well nowadays.

    Plenty of others probably fit the OP but these are just a few off the top of my head, occasionally I have had less than joyous dealings with a few suppliers but I dont think there is any call to name them (TWW isn’t like that other place), if they don’t measure up, even after I have tried to explain, then I will not use them again irrespective of the quality of the product.


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    Avatar photopiers brand

    Sam Mustafa for his rules, chat and generally wit. Top bloke and one who has more rules in development than anyone I know… and lets me test them!

    Matt from Elhiem Figures, he has sculpted me figures when I needed them for 20mm WW2…

    Avatar photoIain Fuller

    Apart from the great service I’ve always had from both Fighting 15’s and Warbases, I’d like to do a special mention for Stuart at Maverick Models. He has made a few flags for me that were not on his website very quickly but without looking like they were done very quickly! His constant communication during the process was great and put up with me changing my mind over sizing without a problem – a true gent.

    Avatar photoOh no….

    For speed of despatch and correct items; GZG, Brigade, Warrior Miniatures, Ion Age, Plastic Soldier Company, CP Models and Elheim.

    For speed of despatch; Irregular.

    For altering packs and/or providing specific unlisted items; Irregular, Early War Miniatures.

    For listening to ideas, and producing them; Paul at EWM and Lluis at Minairons.

    Avatar photoMike

    Because I can….   Bump.

    Avatar photoMike Harrop

    I’ve always found Andy at Heresy to be pleasant to deal with, also Drew at Nexus Miniatures, he’s had a hell of a year but always has time to chat to customers.



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    Avatar photoMcKinstry

    I’m one of those that would argue that most  of the folks in the business are really good people who bend over backwards for their fellow hobbyists. Certainly Peter at Baccus and Leon at Adler and the folks at Tumbling Dice, Pendraken and Forged in Battle Spring to mind. Navwar has been reliable as clockwork for almost 30 years that I’ve been ordering.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.

    Avatar photoMike

    In light of recent doom and gloom around poor service, I thought I would see if anyone has anything to add to this.

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Crom’s Anvil ( wink wink) Nordic Weasel and (QRF) via Scale Creep Miniatures.

    Avatar photoirishserb

    I’ve had excellent service from several companies very recently; Scotia-Grendel, Heroics & Ros, GameCraft Miniatures, and Eureka.  All have answered my annoying questions, and and shipped miniatures quickly and without incident.

    In the just slightly longer term, I have also had great experiences with Perfect Six Miniatures, Armaments in Miniature, and QRF, who always bends over backwards whenever I have questions or need help.


    Avatar photoMike Headden

    As many here have said, it’s hard to pick out just one company but if pushed I would have to say Pendraken just shade it for me.

    That said there are plenty very, very close behind.

    To be honest, even those companies whose delivery schedules look at glaciers and wonder what the rush is have always delivered in the end and often have some of the coolest toys.

    Hats off to all those feeding my lead habit 🙂



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    Avatar photoA Lot of Gaul

    I am happy to add Greg at Little Wars TV to my list of favorites to deal with.


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    Avatar photoDeleted User

    Tumbling Dice for figures:


    Apart from the obvious “I like his figures”, the owner Paul always responds to emails & you can chat with him about periods, suitable figures etc.

    When I wanted to add a unit of Moss troopers to my ECW armies, he was keen to mix & match figures & horses from several packs to get me the 8 figures I needed.

    Anyscale for houses, trucks etc (resin)


    I suggested they add Black Houses to their range…& they were added. Also, in my first order, they charged a reasonable sum for P&P, found they could do it cheaper & refunded me the difference. Who does that?



    Avatar photoRuarigh

    Companies I have had great service from are: East Riding Miniatures, Baccus, Irregular, Black Hat, GZG. Key things with all of these companies are communications, speed of delivery, and willingness to listen to what the customer is after and to try to help. There are probably other companies that deserve a shout-out but it’s these ones that spring gazelle-like to mind when asked.

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    Avatar photoRadar

    Another vote for Stuart at Maverick.

    Peter Pig, Navwar, ERM and Warbases all stand out for customer service

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Lots of companies are reliable and great to order from, but several  make the experience personal and fun.

    Pendraken and  Baccus stand out, but for greased lightning speed, generosity and great communication; Irregular and Ian Kay. Recently ordered on a weekend –  email note confirming receipt of order, posted Monday, figures with me Tuesday with freebie command. Just brilliant.

    Always helpful and approachable.

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