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    I just feel an emotional connection to them, and yeah  it will be a repeat of the Philippines but with Japanese paratroopers , then they escape to Australia.

    They rest up and join the 1st Div and head for Guadalcanal !!!

    Just Jack

    Thuseld – Just read the entire campaign, eh?  Congratulations, and welcome to the family! 😉  If you take a look around my blogs, or the various forums, all I do is campaigns; the troops’ stories are what makes wargaming fun for me.

    Thuseld and John – Do not worry, I swear this series will continue.  There is no way it’s not happening, I have too much invested.  Like I said, I’m not incredibly excited about the Dutch East Indies all of a sudden (yet, I should say, as the excitement usually returns once I quit thinking about all the work and just start playing the games), but I’ve got to do it in order to get to all the other battles I want to do with my WWII Jarheads.  So, there is no way this is not happening, it’s just a question of when, and it’s looking like when might be right after I finish Operation Rush Delivery, as I’ve got some painting that needs to happen before I can return to Cronistria or South Leon.  Though I do need to get back to Kampgruppe Klink and All Americans, too 😉


Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)
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