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    Avatar photoVictoria Dickson

    Are there any figure ranges that have disappeared that you wish were still available?

    I really miss Mikes Models.  I know that their Renaissance range is still available through Essex Miniatures, but I want the rest too.  My very first metal figure was a Zulu that I received as a sample when I ordered their catalogue and I so wish I had an army of them now.  I went with an order for some of their Napoleonics and some Saracens and Crusaders too, sadly I no longer have them.  They certainly weren’t to everyone’s taste, they undeniably had something of the dwarf about them, but I miss those little chaps.

    And then there are the old Peter Pig figures, back before they remodelled them.  Their current ranges are great, but their original WWII British were a joy.  They are maybe a little cartoonish but they have character.  I still have a small force of these, I just wish I had more. 🙂


    Avatar photozippyfusenet

    I regret that Architects of War went bust, and took the excellent 28mm American Uncivil War figures down with them. They not only had bags of character, but a sense of humor too. I’m luckier than smart, and I laid in a complete set of the figures before they disappeared. But from time to time an admiring friend asks where he can get copies of Brave Captain Daring or Sheriff Bluford Putzer, and I have to disappoint him, “Sorry, you can’t get there from here any more.” Maybe someone will buy the molds and revive the line:



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    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I can only barely remember what it was, but there was a line of sci fi figures at something approximating 6mm scale, one of which included a giant hovercraft “mobile command center” with a lot of turrets on it, and a list of game stats of some kind on the back of the blister.  That the package was part of the game was something that blew my young mind.  Only saw it once, never saw it again, always wished I could find it, and know more about it.


    Hotspur Napoleonic’s.



    Avatar photoRob young

    Minifigs ‘S’ Range Ancients and the original telegraph poles PB Range. I dislike the later horses/figures,don’t like separate weapons/shields, and telegraph poles preferred because they don’t snap every time you look at them.

    Rob Young

    Avatar photoOB

    Falcon 15mm are a miss and I’d really like some Feudal Castings 14th Century Scots spearmen but they live in the US now and the postage is ruinous.  Yxor 15mm League of Augsburg would be great to see again.


    Avatar photoirishserb

    Alpha Forge Asteroid Minors and Mephalians.  I’d love to have more Asteroid Miners, and never got a chance to pick up the Mephalians.

    Devil Dog Designs Moderns.  I keep finding that they had things that I could use.

    Old Quality Castings 15mm  WW2 Infantry.  Largely nostalgia, but I started out with them , when still owned by Heritage.  It would be wonderful to finish my Italian infantry company, and round out a few other things as well.  The figs were small and not really compatible with current ranges.

    Game Workshop Rogue Trader era 40K figs.  Love the old Imperial guard, Zoats, and the older, smaller ork figs.

    Avatar photoEarther

    Game Workshop Rogue Trader era 40K figs. Love the old Imperial guard, Zoats, and the older, smaller ork figs.


    What Mr Irishserb said.


    And I’d add Mongrel Miniatures 28mm 80s moderns and Grenadier Miniatures 25mm official Traveller RPG miniatures. Oh, and Grenadier’s 25mm Spies and Agents sets as well.

    Avatar photoOldNick

    I also missed the Mike’s models.  Very nice figures.

    Avatar photoMcKinstry

    The old 15mm Napoleonettes and Confederettes from Heritage.

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    Avatar photoOh no….

    FAA and Drews Militia 20mm ranges. Bits can still be bought but the rest……………………………

    Village Green resin scenics, SDD 20mm Home Guard and SCW ranges.

    Qualiticast 25/28mm medievals, highlanders and Robin Hood. Probably the best cast figures I’ve ever seen!!! Lovely too.

    So sad the newer gamers may never see these lovely things….. 🙁

    Avatar photoRules Junkie Jim

    Clydeside Model’s old 1/1200th ships – big range, and pretty cheap too!

    SDD’s 1/600th ships.

    ISM modern 1/300th.

    I also wish Alternative Armies would release more of the old TTG/TTM 15mm orcs (I’m assuming they have the moulds!)

    Avatar photobrian cunniffe

    I have FAA figures, original Hotspur SCW figures and SDD 20mm vehicles I don’t use since I stepped up to 28mm, if you are interested.

    Avatar photoOh no….


    What do you have and where in the world are you? Some countries the postage is horrendous!!

    I’m in Liverpool, England.


    Avatar photobrian cunniffe

    I’m in Forfar, Scotland. If you are interested I can look out what I have and list them and get some pics taken.

    Avatar photoGeneral Slade

    I’m an obsessive collector of all the old 15mm Minifigs 2nd gen ranges – they are pretty much the only figures I use (apart from the odd fantasy figure from Copplestone and Peter Pig) so I would like to see them available again.  In particular, I think the old horses are much nicer than the current  Minifigs ones.  Mind you I would also want them to be made of the same kind of alloy they used to be made of.  I think figures feel much better if they have got some lead in them to give them a bit of heft.

    Avatar photoNoel

    Alpha Forge Asteroid Minors and Mephalians. I’d love to have more Asteroid Miners, and never got a chance to pick up the Mephalians. 


    That entire Star Mogul range interested me and I kept putting it off until it was too late.

    The Starship Troopers range broke my heart when it was discontinued.

    There are a few of the Mongoose Dredd models that I never got a hold of, or were only released to backers, that I am hoping will see production when Warlord gets back to Dredd.


    Avatar photoVolunteer

    Davco 1/1200 Napoleonic Naval ships. I have acquired a few since they went out of business and really wish they were still around. The hulls are crisp with detail, on par with GHQ & Langton hulls. Sadly they are very hard to find now.

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    Avatar photoKatie L

    Not technically figures, but — Snapdragon buildings…

    I’ve got half a wild west town I desperately need the other half of…


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