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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    I worry about my figures being chipped/bashed and otherwise damaged so I keep them in foam inserts in boxes, KR Multicase:

    I see a fair few people using MDF style trays and this makes me worry, don’t they get bashed?

    Avatar photoTony Hughes

    Magnetic bases solve the problem with much less wasted space.



    Avatar photoMike

    I don’t like the extra height it adds. 

    Avatar photoRadar

    I use Sally 4th’s figure storage boxes. No magnetic basing, just stood up in the box. As they only get moved around the house, this isn’t an issue. If they were travelling to and from a club regularly then I’d either go for fancy foam storage or use magnetic basing

    Avatar photodeephorse

    I use KR cases for my 28mm WWII and 15mm Plains Indian Wars figures which are individually based.  For my 20mm WWII collections, which, for the most part, are based in multiples, I use a variety of bits or crafting boxes.


    The boxes don’t have to travel far, and the bases prevent any figure directly contacting another.


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    Avatar photoRhoderic

    I’m not a fan of magnetic bases either, and I definitely want my figures to be cushioned by something during storage and transport, but I’ve begun to worry about foam (especially the harder kind) being a potentially abrasive surface that (I imagine) could wear off varnish and paint in the long run. Am I alone in worrying about this?

    To be clear, I don’t know what I could use in place of foam as a cushioning material. It just feels like a no-win situation to me.

    Avatar photoIan Marsh

    I use Really Useful Boxes – you can see what’s in them, and they’re waterproof. Easily lined with steel paper for use with magnetic bases. I have some lovely KR cases, but they don’t get used much.

    For use at home, I don’t bother with the steel paper. The boxes don’t have to move far.

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    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    As mine only move around the house, I have them in some old Grenfells boxes that were surplus from work. Works for me.

    Avatar photoMartinR

    I use A4 box files lined with steel paper and magnetic bases for the figures.

    I like a nice thick base, something to get my clumsy fat fingers around.



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    I’ve done the reverse of that with some 15mm: steel paper bases, and magnetic sheet box liners. I thought the steel paper would be too flimsy, but DAP on top made the base quite stiff.

    But I prefer thin bases anyway, except for 6mm — I’m a bit thick-fingered for those!

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I use magnets on steel toolboxes or old US army ammunition containers. However, either of those could be done without. As far as foam goes, I think soft foam is better by and large and I think would only really be abrasive if you were packing the minis under pressure.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    I thought of geeting those foam storage cases but they’re bulky. My solution was to use magnets and avoid metal minis. I’ve found that plastic and putty minis never chip, could be because of the lighter weight, softer material or it adhere better with acrylic paint.

    I don’t like the extra height it adds.

    I drill holes and sink magnets into the mini’s base. It’s a bit more work but was worth it for me. obviously plastic minis are easier to do than metal but I’ve done it to all my single based Epic 40k minis.

    Getting through airports with magnetized minis get a lot of weird looks.

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