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    Avatar photoTony S

    So, I’m just finishing up my current project, and naturally wish to have another lined up soon.  (Is it possible that I have a few other half baked projects squirreled away in buried boxes?  Possibly, but it’s best not to dwell upon such unsavoury concepts).

    Awhile ago, I was inspired by OB’s Vendean forces for Rebels and Patriots rules from his excellent “You Do Not Know the North” blog.   I’ve always been attracted to the more obscure conflicts, so the Vendean rebellion – using a purportedly North American ruleset – piqued my interest.  The more I play the various Rampant series of rules, the more I like them.  I bought a an excellent book on the subject by Rob Harper and as the final nail in the coffin, Lancashire are having a sale.

    So, I’m thinking of getting the Lancashire Vendean rabble from the 15mm archive range.  I bought some of Lancashire’s 18mm figures for a WW1 Austrian army, and they were BIG.  I’d like to avoid that size discrepancy by going for their 15mm.

    It’s the opposition I’m undecided about.  Any opinions on suitable French revolutionary figures? Irregular seem attractive, but the range is somewhat limited.  (Although I’m thinking of adding Irish figures to add variety to the Lancashire Vendeans; any knowledge if they will match well?)

    Perhaps Blue Moon?  Although I seem to recall Campaign Miniatures just added some new figures to their Revolutionary ranges, and I quite like their sculptures.

    I’d welcome any thoughts on the various ranges, and compatibility. Thanks!

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Joy of Wargaming was using the Alternative Armies Napoleonic range – maybe worth a quick scan?


    Avatar photoTony S

    Thanks Andrew.  I forgot to mention that besides OB, another inspiration has been JoW.   I’ve been watching his videos as well; great fun!

    But it was my understanding that he used Irregular for his Republicans?  As far as I can see on the Alternative site, none of the French are suitable for the Revolutionary period.

    Perhaps I’ll go back through Jon’s videos, to the ones that showcased his new armies.

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    …But it was my understanding that he used Irregular for his Republicans? As far as I can see on the Alternative site, none of the French are suitable for the Revolutionary period…

    Could be as he is never afraid to mix periods – it was too hot last night to sit watching the videos TBH 🙂


    Avatar photoOB

    Thanks for the kind words Tony, glad you like the blog.  As to figures:

    Lancashire Archive range are true 15mm, more or less.  They will work with Minifigs or Essex, Chariot at a push.  There is a Sale so 10% off.   The only thing missing from the Vendeans are command figures.  The Polly Oliver AWI range at Magister Militum  offers some options.

    The Irregular ’98 Irish don’t look like Vendeans to me.  Although in their Napoleonic British range there is a Colonial Cavalry man who might work as a Vendean officer.

    Stonewall have a nice Vendean Command group but only one of the figures really fits with what I have.  The rest are too big.

    Blue Moon are bigger but would work with Stonewall above.

    If I were beginning again I’d stick with the Lancashire Archive range.  Good figures, loads of variety and you can get the Republicans too.  Good price as well.

    Good luck with it all and keep us posted.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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