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    First, I apologise for posting something that I’ve also posted on LAF. I’ll try not to do that sort of thing too much as I know it can be annoying. I’d just like to cast a wide net when asking this question. Anyway…

    I have a sudden irrational desire to find a pair of 28mm miniatures that look like Papageno and Papagena from Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”, in their traditional “18th century fantasy” portrayal, wearing outlandish birdcatcher suits.

    LINK (Google image search for “Papageno”)

    Do any figures even remotely like this exist?

    Come to think of it, an 18th century fantasy skirmish project – by which I mean fantasy the way it genuinely existed in the minds of Europeans in the actual 18th century (“The Magic Flute” being the perfect example) as opposed to our contemporary “Tolkienesque elves in powdered wigs” style fantasy world – would be an awesome project. Miniatures with the right look would probably be too difficult to find/convert, though. (Prove me wrong?)

    Avatar photoMike

    First, I apologise for posting something that I’ve also posted on LAF.

    No need, having posts here will help grow the site and community.
    The more posts the more enticing the forum and that means the advertisers and all who rely on traffic here, will be more likely to buy that ever elusive sports car, or pay their rent, whichever you think is most likely!

    I will have a look around for the figures, any birdman superheroes out there?

    Avatar photoThe Gorb

    The only thing I can think of which even comes close would be the Thunderbolt Mountain elf in leaf armor. If you painted the leaves to look like feathers that is.


    Regards, The Gorb

    Left Hand Miniatures
    Graydon Gorby, Owner

    Avatar photoEtranger

    Have you had a look at Vic Lambs Victoria Miniatures site? She has some quirky Faerie folk that may suit.

    For something a bit more coventionial Eureka has some 18th century court musicians and civilians, including Fred der Grosse and his magic flute…

    Avatar photoLagartija Mike

    That’s an interesting idea. I’ve been thinking about doing non-military figures as a complement to my upcoming ranges and I’ll add it to the pot. I was originally thinking of limiting myself to Kabuki, Noh and Beijing Opera figures (plus a bunch of Bosch stuff, tho’ that could easily be militarized), but I’d be stupid not to take what Western opera has on offer. If you’re still interested in those figures in full absurd birdcatcher panoply hit me up towards the end of august/early september.

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