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    Mark Luther

    So for the final game I thought it would be nice to have some Ju87Gs go after some Soviet armor targets.  That seems to be what folks think of when they imagine air support at Kursk.
    We had a pair of Ju87Ds and a pair of Ju87Gs escorted by 4 Fw190As.  One of the tankbusters had a plus3 rating so we decided that it had to be Hans-Ulich Rudel himself.  The Soviets had 4 late model La5s with good pilots (no doubt a Guards unit)

    Check Your 6 rules and 6mm minis used throughout.

    Rudel and the tank busters Game-7 by Mark Luther[/url], on Flickr

    Head on pass sends a La5 down Game-7 by Mark Luther[/url], on Flickr

    Flak misses but only a couple of hits Game-7 by Mark Luther[/url], on Flickr

    Luftwaffe over the targets Game-7 by Mark Luther[/url], on Flickr

    The Soviet player did great in knocking down both the Ju87Gs.  Rudel and a La5 both went down in a head on pass.  3 of the La5s did go down.
    The 7 game series seemed to  be closer than what it turned out.  the Luftwaffe came out with an impressive 130 points to just 75 for the V-VS.  The Russians were ahead for the first 2 games and still close after game 4.  The inability of the Russians to hit ground targets (that would be my dice rolling) and the blowout for the Germans in Game 3 made the difference.
    I think everyone enjoyed the games. We had 9 different people from 3 states gaming over a two month period. Lots of varied missions and a nice assortment of aircraft.  I would like to do this again soon.
    Link to the entire series pics:


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