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    I haven’t had a game since our SYW show game in August but we’ve finally managed to find a slot that three of us can make.

    My two opponents ( “the Brains Trust”), in their usual cunning way have manoeuvred me to challenging their Polybian Romans to a match against my Celts, who in at least a dozen outings have never beaten their Roman foes.
    Whilst via email, I have been making all manner of threats & promises, I do realise the army I affectionately & privately dub, “the muddle-headed wombats” are best at mad & ill-considered charges & then falling into disorder to die bravely.

    I should have sensibly held out for my Carthaginians but Celts, it is. The rules are Field of Glory and I have improved the army list by adding cavalry (in which the Celts will outnumber & be of superior quality to the Romans), Gaestati & armoured infantry heavy infantry BGs ( at the expense of including them as allies, under their own general, as my Celts are otherwise a Medium Infantry force*) and I get to choose the terrain within parameters: a slight advantage.

    As I’ve found to my horror in previous games, anything remotely difficult in the way of tactics will not be possible for my undrilled infantry. So: the plan will be to try to hold the Romans in the centre & send the cavalry around a flank. Hardly brilliant but at least realistic.

    Any further advice & comment welcome.


    * them’s the rules

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    Send the flankers first !!!!! Then charge in the center and hope it all hits at about the same time…

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    With these sort of armies where its all about getting those big charges in, I tend to go for an oblique line tactic with all my good stuff/heavy hitters on one flank and as close to the enemy as possible from the set up, the crap troops get held right back advancing only slowly. I find it better than going in piecemeal over an extended line

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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