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    Cliffs over Dover blitz is in closed VR/visual update beta. I’ve been  part of the testing team since April.

    I’ve done many vidoes,  but the developers haven’t felt the game was ready to be shown.

    But now we can show some pre approved vidoes.

    Clod is a fantastic WW2 sim that deals with early war, mainly around battle of Brtian. But planes and maps are suitable for 1939 to mid 1941. With the expansion pack Wings over Tobruk you also get a north Africa map and a 1940-1941 setting there. And adds many cool planes you don’t often see in other ww2 sims. Around 40 planes pluss a myriad of variations are flyable.

    Even a French plane is flyable with a campaign set in battle of France 1940, you have more hurricane and Me109 types you can beat away with a stick.

    I made this mission to show of some of the less clichéd ww2 planes.

    42 Axis planes are headed for a British convoy,  Stuka are gonna bomb, with air cover provided by Me109s and Me110s, even a gaggle of Italian CR 42 biplane show up for the fun.


    To counter them we have 40 British,  most are in American made P40 Warhawks or F4 Wildcats/Martlets. But all hands on deck so some British Gladiator II biplanes show up to.

    The video also highlights how good the AI is, if you compare how the AI fight tooth an nail to avoid getting hit in this game vs in my previous video in DCS. You can see the huge difference.


    Avatar photoMike

    That must have been cool to be part of that.


    That must have been cool to be part of that.


    It is, still on going, still bugs to fix. When making video, you need to work around the bugs so the don’t show up.(mostly visual stuff.)

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    I like most of those early war planes, evpecially the Wildcats. I’m surprised you could keep up with the Cr-42. Is it jsut me or does the enemy prety much fly stright and only start to evade when your crosshair is near it?


    AI pilots do have feel for when you can “take the shot” but so could real pilots to some degree, tho in most cases real pilots rarely had the calm in the moment to wait.

    However, there are plenty of tellings of a pilot spotting the enemy in the rare and holding, holding until right before he except the shot, and then divs, or swerves away. Maybe not super realistic that all Italian pilots had that skill, but in the end, it’s a game.  It might also be because of my lack of skill in the mission editor, I still haven’t figured out how to “active” the attack order so it keeps. After a while, the AI goes “dormant” and flies the waypoints I’ve put out without attacking enemy planes. I need to learn the editor better.

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