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    Got the Hind, and tested it today for the first time. This is my first attempt at a mission, I had planned on doing a cold start, but I assumed I would crash on my first few attempts at taking off and didn’t want to spend 10 minutes starting her up each time. But to my surprise, she never crashed on take-off. As usual, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.


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    Surprised the wingman wasn’t useful, he seemed to do some damage from the way the video looked.

    In real combat Hinds fire from much further away and turn off before they overfly their targets (or at least that’s how they’re supposed to do it) .  You were really knife fighting there!

    I had to laugh when I first saw you flying with the gear down.  I don’t think that had any impact on the tail rotor, but that was really weird.  I’ve only flown a helicopter a couple of times and 75% of the flight was learning how to hover, which is a heck of a lot more difficult than it looks, especially with any kind of a breeze.  I do know that some helo’s tail rotors don’t do much above a certain speed, like 110mph for one type, due to the aerodynamics of the hull.

    (coincidentally, the days I took my 2 lessons Harrison Ford was also taking lessons, but with a different instructor!  In the end I couldn’t afford to keep going as I was only 23 with a meh job)

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Yeah I was just to inaccurate. Had to get close to even have a chance of putting the sight on a target.


    Well, I’ve just splurged on helicopter cyclic and collective.

    People who fly real helicopters and sim copters say it helps immensely.  Even those who don’t fly real stuff, say particularly the collective makes it much easier to control power vs using a plane throttle.

    The stick is on a 200mm extender, and the base has some “clutches” so by removing the spring and cams. And adjusting the “clutch ” the stick will stay in place wherever you put it(instead of going back to center)

    For the collective,  I’ve chosen UH60 stick. Hopefully it will be good enough for many helicopters.

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