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    Last Saturday we played the first game of a 16th century Japanese campaign at the “24 heures du jeu” games festival (in Theix-Noyalo, near Vannes, Brittany). Ruleset was an adaptation of Argad (which is a mix of miniature skirmish game and role-playing game).

    More pictures here (text in French):

    There were 4 players (there will be more taking part in the campaign) and the game organizer had imagined a very detailed background for each player’s family… In this first game the players began to get involved in the historical and cultural context (which most of them, including myself, didn’t know much)…

    I couldn’t even watch all that happened elsewhere as I was too busy preventing two or three attempts of assassination against the young heir of my family in the inn where we had halted on our way to an important diplomatic meeting. It seems that at the same moment, the local lord was receiving two foreign barbarians inside the walls of his garden, and they brought him secret and very noisy weapons… All players had different things to do and we still don’t understand what everyone did (the AAR is not complete because many things must remain secret for future games)…


    Mr. Average

    That looks like a great game! Lovely setup! Reminds me of Kurosawa – the man with the mustaches in the blue haori makes me think of the king in Ran.

    It reminds me, in fact, that I still have a project on the board for a 26th century Techno-Sengoku campaign…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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