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    Tony S

    Many decades ago, when I was a young impressionable lad, I stumbled across the wargaming section in my local library.  But besides the inspiring Grant, Gush and of course Featherstone books, there was a single book on Naval Wargaming by Barry Carter.  I loved it!   I even played a few games solo on my bedroom floor, using blue paper for the sea, and cut out paper triangles for the ships.  (Because if you know the book, that’s how the diagrams showed the course of the actions).  I had no idea how to find proper miniature ships, nor could my meagre pocket money have covered such an expense.

    Anyway, fast forward to late adulthood, and having found the book at a used bookshop awhile ago, and having reread it with complete nostalgic joy a few times now, I finally decided to buy, assemble and paint some ships for the first time in my life.  (Well, aside from a few S and MAS 1:300 boats from Warlord, but that’s a far cry from 1:2400 and they didn’t need basing).

    Naturally, if you’ve read the book in question, you’ll understand that I bought  WW1 Austria-Hungarian and Italian fleets.  All from Tumbling Dice.

    Just wanted to share my efforts.  For a first attempt I’m fairly happy.  Although, having seen the photos, I now see a few spots that need touching up, as I see the wooden bases on some.  And I still need to add the labels.  Still, can’t wait to try them in an actual game!

    Some Italian torpedo cruisers:

    Italian Pre-dreadnaught:

    The whole fleet, thus far…




    Nice. The Med is my favorite  ‘what if’ theater for both Pre-Dreadnought and WW1.

    Any rules set in mind?

    The tree of Life is self pruning.

    Jim Webster

    Nice when things come together 🙂



    Very nice. I enjoyed seeing these. Thank you for posting. 🙂

    I look forward to seeing your first game report too.


    This is my favorite naval period. I’m also a fan of the Austru-Hungarian ships.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures


    Very nice looking figs! Well Done!

    Tony S

    Thanks all.  You’re most kind.

    I played a game last weekend with them. My opponent who was so sporting as to insist on taking the smaller side also took some photos, rather better than mine.

    I’ll try and post a quick AAR, as we tried Si Vis Pacem, and enjoyed them.


    I like Si Vis Pacem too, so I look forward to you after-action report when you get time. 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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