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    Finally got the first ork truck off of my paint table.

    There are a few more photos on my blog:

    Ork Truck Pix

    Thanks for looking.



    Nice, but needs more dakka!



    How many boyz can you fit in it without them falling off when you move it? That’s the real test.


    To be honest, I’m happy that it is finally tabletop worthy (it¬†sat on my shelf unfinished for the better part of¬†a decade), but I find the semi-finished product to be a little anti-climactic.¬† I still need to make a vehicle commander and banner/flag for the turret, maybe throw some gear on it, and maybe that will bring it the character it needs.¬† But I am a little conflicted, as my orks will not really be orks in my PA games, at least not the kind that GW has shared with us.¬† The old ork figs will serve¬† in¬†my post-apocalypse as a mutation of a military weapons/research project gone bad and out of control.¬† Thus, in my effort to “de-orkify” my orks, I find myself in search of their new character.¬† Mike’s comment above rings very true to me, but I expect that I need to further shape this faction, before I get¬†things to feel “just right”.


    Hmmmm so you need a theme for them?

    Did they have an informal unit name that can be used.

    Do they have certain nutritional needs that is maybe reflected in their stowage?

    Do they have any strange beliefs that may be reflected in their decorative ways? Like GWS skull fixation, but different?


    I’ve got a bunch of fluff worked out, but not their psyche.¬† Here’s the background:

    In my PA world they are¬†a race of bipedal humanoid mutants, the result of a bio-weapon research project that was nuked during the apocalyptic event,¬† known by their targets as “Greenies”.

    Greenies were to be engineered hybrid organisms, a combination of animal and plant DNA that would produce self-sustaining, purpose engineered  organic weapons. Elements of the design were to be rapid growth to fighting maturity, large scale organ and tissue re-generation, and self-synthesis of food stuffs for sustenance through exposure to light and absorption of water from air.
    The program R&D was conducted in a hardened lab in the southwestern United States, which was “disrupted” by a large yield nuclear weapon.¬† The result was that the test specimens rapidly mutated into¬†the plague, known as greenies. They manifest as intelligent, resourceful killing machines with the single purpose of exterminating humans.

    Greenies have a two stage life-cycle, starting from seed as a rooted plants which develop a seed pod. The pod produces one or more seeds and a juvenile greenie that reaches maturity in a matter of weeks. Greenies are raised in “gardens” in greenie villages.

    The villages are always located along waterways, and manifest as a sort of base consisting of one or more gardens, and facilities for making weapons and training greenies in the use of the weapons. They do not build industry, choosing instead to exploit local resources, but are capable of complex engineering and production of weapons and war materials, have good tactical sense, seem to be able to communicate verbally, as well as some sort of telepathic or means otherwise  undetectable to humans.

    They are tuff, hard to kill, capable of tissue and organ regeneration, including rapid (weeks) regeneration of lost limbs.  To be killed, they must receive massive multi organ abdominal injury or destruction of the head.  They react strangely to fire, sometimes being terrified of it, and other times seeming to soak up the light and heat energy from it. Greenies  can become somewhat docile at night and in low light situations.

    So, while they are engineered as weapons with the purpose of killing humans,  they are intelligent, and tactically resourceful.  They are not afraid of death in combat, but are not pointlessly suicidal.


    All of that said, and stepping outside of the post-apocalypse handbook of Greenies, I haven’t settled on social structure and organization, religion, art, entertainment, family structure (if any), etc.¬† I see them as ¬†communal,¬†maybe hive-like.¬† Very practical and focused with respect to their engineered purpose, though they are mutated, and who knows what that brings?

    I’ve been toying with some sort of clan structure, maybe employing plant related terminology and identifiable markings.¬† For example, the clans might be referred to as “Harvests”, which might be regionally/seasonally/plant name associated.¬† My silly sense of humor produced the idea of giving the clans flags or banners featuring flowers such as daisies or lilies.¬† So, a human outpost might be attacked by the Daisies of Doom or the Death Lilies.

    I’m also a bit conflicted in what their villages (maybe called “farms”)¬†will look like.¬† Beyond weapons and equipment for fighting, they aren’t materialistic, and I don’t see them as needing houses.¬† They may need shelter to protect them from cold and or drying out too much in extended sun/drought.¬† So maybe a series of dorm like hot-houses at night, capable of shading them during drought?¬† They will have water transports as part of their war-fleet.¬† I’ve got a 1/35 scud launcher that will be built a s a greenie water tanker.¬† And possibly a Mann cargo truck too.¬† I’ve considered vehicles that spray a mist of water on fatigued troopers to help recover them in battle, and a couple other specialized and similarly goofy contraptions.

    They will be fighting largely in dry, desert type environments.

    Some of my ork figs won’t be used, because they are just ¬†too¬†orkish.¬† And, I will have to build some special figs to fit the roles required in the Greenie world.¬† I just haven’t figured all of¬†¬†that out yet.¬† And I am open too ideas.

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